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Episode 2: Cassie - Memory Unlocked

Summary: The world is inhabited by people with infinite memory storage (aka Ultra-Memory). Daniel Tyler enjoys this gift to the fullest. But not everyone developed this ability-- Cassie Black hates the gifted ones. She and Daniel are forced to work together to unravel the mysteries of a conspiracy behind the Ultra-Memory program.


- Cassie -

“Welcome to Coffee Tails where your feline fantasies come true!” I feigned excitement as I greeted another perverted customer. Their lustful gaze undressing me and using their Ultra-Memory to save the thought forever in their wretched brains.

Not that I could complain when this is one of the only highest-paying jobs for an ungifted like myself. While the majority of the population were blessed with the ability to have an infinite storage memory, there were some really unfortunate ones who didn’t get them.

I went to the backroom to do the dishes. This was the best part of the job because I didn’t have to expose myself to every carnal man who entered the cafe. Fixing my cat-ear headband, I grabbed the sponge and began to wash the dishes when the door opened behind me.

“Ugh, new guy on Table 12 is such a perv,” Tanya placed the tray of dirty dishes near the sink. “He’s hitting on Holly.”

“He’s doing it in French though. Isn’t it impressive by some level?” Annabel said from the kitchen.

“I’ll rip that ugly polka-dotted tie off his neck and use it to strangle him and tell him bye bye in French.” Tanya clawed in the air, probably imagining how she’d want to strangle him.

I scoffed and moved the washed plates in the dishwasher. “Yes, but you need to actually learn French first to do that.”

“I can also just say bye bye in English.”

Annabel and I laughed as she left the kitchen. It wasn’t our fault the universe made a mistake and threw us into the pit of jacklegs. We weren’t going to let a bunch of Ultra-Memory jerks trample on us just because they think they could.

“Cassie, your cat ears are a little limp. You know Jocelyn doesn’t like it when they’re not presentable. Customers like us ‘cute’,” Annabel said. “Maybe you need to buy new ones after today.”

Another part of the job I hated. Cat Tails requirement was to make sure I wore a tight blouse and skirts above the knee. Anything below our knees would count as an outfit violation. Long socks and pretty sandals I would gladly throw in the doormat when I’m home. The most important part of our uniform were cat ears.

I finished washing the dishes and joined Jocelyn by the counter. She was the least charming lady in the room but she effectively kept men, in the age bracket close to hers, to keep coming back and having their coffee served by some 45-year old woman wearing a forcibly provocative outfit and black cat ears.

On the other hand, I turned to Table 12 where Tanya said a guy was harassing Holly.

“Com’mon, don’t tell me you never decided to use the gift to learn more languages? Or did my looks just stunned-locked you into total awe, my dear,” he said. Ugh, disgusting.

Ultra-Memory sounded like the best thing that could happen to humankind, but people like him just liked to rain his mud all over what could be beautiful.

“I would like a black Russian espresso, please.” He pointed a finger to his head. He didn’t need to flex, I already knew how large his invisible bobble-head ego was.

Holly walked over to me, ripping a page from her notepad and smacking it on the counter. “I hate him.” She mouthed. “He deserves a code red.”

“I got this.” I took the piece of paper and went to the kitchen to prepare his order.

Code red was only for men with incredibly large ego and this guy ticked the only requirement in that list. For that, his coffee would be served with a special ingredient. Yours truly. I poured in laxatives, just the right amount to make sure fireworks happen to wherever he’d go next.


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