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Memory Unlocked: ReWired Hearts

Summary: The world is inhabited by people with infinite memory storage (aka Ultra-Memory). Daniel Tyler enjoys this gift to the fullest. But not everyone developed this ability-- Cassie Black hates the gifted ones. She and Daniel are forced to work together to unravel the mysteries of a conspiracy behind the Ultra-Memory program.

Status: Ongoing
Episode: 3

Jessi Tayylor & Richard T.D.

Apocalyptic, Dystopia, Romance, Sci-Fi

An Uncertain Hazardous Anomaly (book cover).png

An Uncertain Hazardous Anomaly

Summary: In a city where genetically abnormal residents called Anomalies live, 16-year old runaway girl, Sam, went to Lewis Keaton to escort her to a renowned biochemist to cure her. When he turned her down, he later discovered that his person of interest, Lily Morgan wanted an exclusive interview with the same biochemist. Keaton accepts the escort mission in exchange that Sam helps Lily get that interview.  

Status: Coming Soon
Episode: NA

Maria Enelea Espinoza

Sci-Fi, Superpower

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