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Important Date: Beginning of Floppi Pages

Floppi Pages launched on October 3, 2020.

The Vision

They say that writing is a lonely journey. It doesn't have to be anymore. The Writing Buddy community (Discord server) opened last December 4, 2023 to gather writers and readers into a close-knit community to make the writing journey a fun experience.

Re-launching as an indie supporting website

As of May 4, 2024, the website is fully launched as an writing community focused on supporting indie authors from Writing Buddies community.


The idea is to "Enter the mind of an Author". Everyone has an inner-writer side in them, it just depends on where they put their passion.

There are many hobbies, interests and niches that people invest time in. You could be an otaku now and be a book lover tomorrow. The mind is full of ideas but it is the heart that drives you to bring them to life.

An extension of Writing Buddies, to share stories written by authors coming from different backgrounds, uniting as friends with one goal; publish their story.

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