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Episode 3: Daniel - Memory Unlocked

Summary: The world is inhabited by people with infinite memory storage (aka Ultra-Memory). Daniel Tyler enjoys this gift to the fullest. But not everyone developed this ability-- Cassie Black hates the gifted ones. She and Daniel are forced to work together to unravel the mysteries of a conspiracy behind the Ultra-Memory program.


- Daniel -

While waiting for my drink to arrive by the shy cat girl, I start scanning the place looking for more potential conquests. The place was a bit packed, mostly surrounded by men clearly burning their paychecks. Not that I was any different. And not that I could blame them either, the uniforms were not chosen randomly, the owner clearly knows how to please their client’s desires. Taking a mental note of every girl coming in and out of the back of the door or the occasional bend-over that left almost anything to my imagination.

“Heh, ohhh yeah this is fave spot from now on.” A clear smirk adorned my face. I was fooling no one with how excited I was, not that I cared about hiding it to begin with.

My imagination was suddenly stopped when a new kitten tapped my shoulder before putting my coffee on the table.

“Well hello there. What happened to MonAmore?” I gave her a quick scan from top to bottom. “Not that I’m complaining. Uhmmm..” I leaned forward pretending to look at the name tag adorning the chest of the new waitress. “Alexandra?” I of course already knew that from the poster but had to add more material to the Ultra-Memory.

While still pretending to play coy and to not completely look like a pervert for staring at her chest, I looked up when all of the sudden her ice green eyes completely stunned locked at me.

“My, my oh my, you know. You should sue the photographer because it didn’t do any justice on that poster.” I gave her a little wink before taking a small sip from my drink. “I know people. So, I can help you out.” I gave her my business card. “Just call me, I’m… a nya away.”

I decided to give another try to the coffee to keep my cool. “Oh, I’m Daniel by the way. Do you…” A sharp pain took over my body. My stomach was not happy. Not that it wasn’t used to bad treatment and being full of alcohol. But this one was different and I was at my first hunting ground to be getting any cry for help from an alcohol-poisoned stomach.

Quick, act quick. Don’t you stand there. Ask her something. “Do you…” Another gut wrenching pain took over my body. “Golden Kittens, what is going on? I barely ate much today.” I try to play it off by slowly raising my head with a smirk.

“Oh gawds, she is totally looking at me. Act normal. Talk. Say something clever. Or just something. Just say something, anything now!!!” The pain was unbearable. I started to feel chills taking over my hands. My forehead profusely gave me away…And my rumbling stomach wanting to win a Grammy this year.

“Excuse me but where is Le toilette, Hun?”

The waitress stood there just as the first one did when I ordered my drink. “Gawds, is there anyone here that uses Ultra Memory to speak any other language?” I thought to myself, arming myself with the last bits of cool I could scrap from the floor. As this had become the only thing I could focus at the moment.

“The restroom. Where is it?” I barely could hold onto reality just enough to see where she was signaling before making my escape. Slowly walking with the most awkwards of walks you could ever see, I managed this time to be me, the one disappearing through a door.

I could’ve won a medal by how fast I went from the door to the stall. “Oh golden kittens , common hands, we have no time for mistakes. These pants need to fly by yesterday!!!” Was the last thing I could come up with before hell broke loose. After some minutes had passed and blood had returned to circulate its normal path I couldn’t stop and wonder what had just happened.

I let out a sigh “Gawsh, this is not the kind of adventure I was dreaming of. Or having my regular epiphany moment at the toilet before the sun was back out again.” From now on I’m adding toilets to the Ultra Memory. Can’t waste my precious time like I did back there ever again.

Welcome to Coffee Tails where your feline fantasies come true! “Yeah, right!!”


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