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Upcoming Indie Novels on Floppi Pages

Upcoming Indie Novels on Floppi Pages

Relaunching Floppi Pages last May 4, 2024 has been a blast!

With what was promised early on, the website will now focus on supporting indie authors in their writing journey, including publishing their novels.

To begin our journey with you, we would like to introduce a couple of novels written by beloved members of the Writing Buddy community who helped make all of this possible.

Heart Me

by S.D. Beck

Adult Dark Psychological Thriller

Release Date: 2025


Are you in the mood for some fun? Leah Brennan also known as Emerald has been getting famous online ever since she was dared to offer more mature content to her fans. Is it worth opening up herself like this for the sake of fame?

Morning Light

by Jessi Tayylor

NA Speculative Thriller Mystery

Release Date: December 2024


MORNING LIGHT is set in the 31st century, following the life of Alex Carter, a young woman working as a courier in the tourist island of Varaiim when the zombie apocalypse turns her life upside down. For readers who would be interested in the concept of what if a lone teenager joins (Alone by Megan E. Freeman) a diverse group of survivors (Teen Wolf) to survive on a zombie-infested island (Resident Evil by S.D. Perry).

Winterfall: First Light

by Nathaniel Graveborn

NA High Fantasy

Release Date: 2026


Drake is an assassin loyal to the King's cause, killing whoever the king wants him to kill. However, when the king gets sick he was passed on as the Prince's servant. He is okay blinded by the creeds of his ruler until he falls in love with the princess betrothed to the Prince.

More to come!

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