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Episode 1: Daniel - Memory Unlocked

Summary: The world is inhabited by people with infinite memory storage (aka Ultra-Memory). Daniel Tyler enjoys this gift to the fullest. But not everyone developed this ability-- Cassie Black hates the gifted ones. She and Daniel are forced to work together to unravel the mysteries of a conspiracy behind the Ultra-Memory program.


- Daniel -

Alarms, so…Annoying. Every single day the same routine. Get to bed late, wake up hating the annoying alarm that will keep me from getting in trouble at my “respectable job” by day while living my best life at night.

Being the son of the founder and owner of Tyler Data Distribution definitely comes in handy to blow money sparingly. Gotta admit waking up every morning and admiring the vast land filled with concrete and glass from my department gets more exciting as me trying to fill a boring role, but again, it is not like an ungifted could do it anyways.

After battling the hangover I managed to get out of bed, dress somewhat decently, and make my specialty toast with jam and coffee that tastes like black tar mixed with water, taken to a boil for my unsuspecting tongue to wake up when I found an article that distracted me from cursing whoever decided to sell such abomination.

“MemoREX big scandal: local rioters attack headquarters.” Heh, oh those poor souls life’s definitely suck so much that they got better things to do than attacking a second chance at receiving the trait of Ultra Memory.

I glance at the clock just to realize I’m already 10 minutes late for work and decide to take a few more bites of the toast before rushing out the door.

Ughhhh, I wonder what bar I should hit tonight.

I pull out my phone and start scrolling through ads when one calls for my attention; Coffee Tails. Welcome to Coffee Tails where your feline fantasy comes true. Well, maybe this place might have better coffee than whatever I drank this morning, who knows maybe they have a cute barista or waitress I can take home. 

Alright Coffee Tails lets see what your kittens have to offer.

After an uneventful drive to the cafe I arrive at the address of said feline fantasy granting place. As soon as I got out of my car I was greeted by neon lights, loud music, and the sweet smell of regret, bad decisions, and financial ruin… A familiar scene of my everyday life routine. I stare at the building whose bright pink, purple and cyan lights were set to grab your attention whether you wanted it or not to a poster with all the kittens running the place.. Ultra memory had many uses in this world, but to me, it was just a convenient and efficient tool for my nightly activities. One in particular called for my attention. Mona. Blonde, bob cut, cute smile, and cat ears. Alright bad decisions here I come!

The place was not bad, in fact, was a bit classy compared to the rest of establishments surrounding the street. The cafe had neo-japanese cabaret vibes. Where the main attraction was at the center where the fantasy kittens resided and a few private tables where patrons burned cash for a more personal experience. Safeguarded by the glass counter is where my initial target for the night resided mixing some drinks. I took a seat that luckily was right in front of her, locking eyes directly with her. I decided to use French to try to impress.

I guess one of the perks of having an important job at the company is needing to add as many languages to the ultra memory to make deals internationally.

“Tu as des lèvres galbées mon chérie Mona. Je voudrais un espresso russe noir.”

Mona stood there and stared at me confused. As if I was speaking in another unknown alien language. I found this adorable and naturally made me smirk.

“Com’mon, don’t tell me you never decided to use the gift to learn more languages? Or did my looks just stunned-locked you into total awe, my dear. I would like a black Russian espresso, please.” I said while jokingly signaling with my pointer finger to my head as to tell her to add it to her ultra memory.

Mona gave me a quick smile followed by a Nya, before disappearing into the back of the bar to where I suspected they had the espresso machines. It was a cafe too after all.

While waiting for my drink I started to scan the place to try to study and learn as much data about the place in case I wanted to add it to one of my regular spots.


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