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Pilot Episode (Episode 1 "Meeting my Sister") | My Sister's Friends Next Door

About the Author:

As an aspiring author, there were so many plot bunnies and drafts and chapter ones that never had a chapter two after they were written. I don't have much friends and my constant companion is writing. At the cafeteria, in the library, or a cousin's-who-does-not-like-me house. I was always accompanied by a pen and a notebook and the moment I start writing, I enter another world.


The concept of this series is inspired by the sitcoms that I've watched over the years. It has made people laugh, and it made me laugh. It came to me that one day, I want to write something that will also make others smile or laugh. It was always the characters had gets me hooked in a movie and it is most crucial in a series because this is a long drive. For people to be dedicated to watch the episodes, they need characters to love and relate to.

Pilot Episode:

I was in my second year of college and I was sitting at the very back of the classroom. Classes have ended, everyone was waiting for our next professor, accompanied each to their own group of friends and I had mine. I was writing a concept idea for a new story, one that is meant to be a sitcom and not a dramatic vampire story. I wrote a short story entitled "Modern History" for a friend and the characters were based off my favorite sitcom characters, which were obvious rip-offs of course.

Looking back to that work of mine, I wanted this one to have memorable characters where they can stand on their own, be unique, be alive. I want it to be a group of friends and it does not always have to be a romantic one where this friend sleeps with that friend, breaks up and sleeps with another friend. No, I want this to be wholesome.

Thus the idea of having Skye and Emily (stepsisters) as the main characters and Emily's friends as the second main characters of the story. The main focus is Skye's college life and how Emily and her friends are there for her as she graduates college life.

Gathering the Team:

The making of the series was not easy because I need a team to get started. Writing the script, drawing the artwork, composing the music and video editing is a lot of work so I had to find a team and divide the tasks. Finding the perfect voice for the characters was tough, but up until now I am so thankful and happy that they stuck around for the series.

Meet the voice behind Emily James, Professor Williams and Renovator Guy. Click on the links to get to know them!

Hoping to introduce the rest of them in the future!


Skye Mcintyre moves to her stepsister's apartment to spend time with her sister and at the same time be comfortable with being near the university she's enrolled in. On her time there, she meets her sisters group of friends and eventually spends time with them as they guide her go through college life.

First Episode:

The first episode is based off the very first chapter that I wrote back in college. It may be oddly written or a bit corny but what can you expect from a college student, eh?

The initial episode started off as an experiment to get a grip on how to manage this project and keep it going. It was successful up until Episode 3 when things got a little tough and busy on my end. I plan to reboot it in the future. For now, enjoy and don't forget to give us your support!

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