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Where to find Silver Ore in Chapter 2 Vergen | Witcher 2

In Chapter 1 we all know where to farm Silver Ore to craft our sword Witcher's Sword. But in Chapter 2 (where I spent most of my time), is there no way for us to farm these materials? Actually, yes we can. Although it is a very rare source, and I don't know the schedule that it is replenished, it is possible to get Silver Ore.

First you go to RHUNDURIN SQUARE. This is where our vendors are usually posted and by chance, I stumbled upon a guy there who happens to sell Silver Ore.

Look for the guy named MAEL. He is located in the left side accompanied by a dwarf. But if you are coming from the gate, he will be located on the right side.

Interact with Mael and click Let's Trade. And you will see in the Crafting Section that he sells Silver Ore. The first time I bought from him, he had 4-5 and now he has 2.

The disadvantage here is that, I have no idea when the stocks are replenished or if it runs out. But I've come by 2-3 times and we got these materials. Maybe drop by not as often as you would to a merchant to let Mael restore these materials.

Now that we have completed our requirements, we can also ask Mael to craft our sword. And tada!

In cases however that you DO NOT SEE MAEL to where he is supposed to be, like this one.

The good news is that you can pass the time. I go here Before Noon because that is the time I usually catch him there. And then come back and see him!

I hope this was helpful to you.

You can also watch the video version if you prefer.

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