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Games to Wishlist on Steam 2021 (part 1)

There are so many games released every month and it's always a dilemma to choose which games to buy, which games to use your remaining free space on or which games to play first. If you want to discover a game released and to be released this year, then stick around and check the list.

We have a batch here of mixed genres. Racing, action, adventure, RPG, you name it! All of these games are available or will be available on Steam. I am not aware if the developers published it elsewhere. But I will add notes if I found it in a different platform.

There are no specific ranks in this list.

Genre: Singleplayer, Action-Adventure, Musical, Puzzles, Story Rich, Abstract, Family Friendly

Graphics: 2.5D

Price: Free to Play

Dusty, our main hero, is the "Courage" of the person's mind. The entire environment is inside the mind of a person. I loved the art. It was so colorful and the it's rich in dialogue. It's relaxing to play, there is no pressure unless you are being chased down by the dark. The musical scenes are catchy and pleasing to the ears. We fought against the Black Hog which represents the mind's fear of the dark.

I had so much fun playing this game and in this one of the few that I kept in my library from the festival where I discovered this game. I definitely recommend it! See the gameplay video above.

Genre: Story Rich, Cute, Mystery, Atmospheric, Choices Matter, Interactive Fiction, Multiple Endings

Graphics: Visual Novel

Price: ---

Release Date: TBD (Demo available)

One of my favorite discoveries! Beacon Pines is very creative in terms of style of gameplay, the art and the mechanics of the game. Super creative! I believe it has something to do with time travel as well because this is a choices matter game, one of my favorite genres too.

The game centers on Luka and his friends who investigates here and there and unravel mysteries. You have the power to change the story by changing the words (since it is a storybook-styled narration).

If you watched the gameplay above, the voices are all me because there are no voice overs available. Definitely recommend it!

Genre: JRPG, Story Rich, Retro, Turn-based Combat, Singleplayer, Adventure

Graphics: Pixel Graphics

Price: ---

Release Date: TBD (Demo available)

I rarely play any pixel games since the days of Pokémon and Fire Emblem. The most recent one I've played was Undertale (I love this! Check out my Before You Play review). But then I stumbled upon 8-Bit Adventures 2! If you are familiar with Metal Slug (I'm not that old, right?) then this had a similar menu vibe to it. Then we have the music and animation and both were amazing! I feel overpowered and the fight system was tweaked for uniqueness in it's own way. I am not familiar with part 1 of this game, but surely this is worth the play. PS. see the game developer's comment in this video! They are very nice!

Genre: Zombies, Survival, Open World, Survival Craft, Base building, Post-apocalyptic, Exploration, Indie

Price: ---

Release Date: Coming Soon (Demo availble)

Another favorite game! It has a heartwarming story in the beginning and then they just throw us to survive in a zombie apocalypse. We play as Anling who got bit by a zombie (WHY?!) so it is her goal to teach her son Cody everything about survival and to protect him while she is still human. Like I said, it was a heartwarming story. I don't normally enjoy these survival games very much because resources are hard to gather or locate and weapon durability does not last very long BUT this game is not like that! The difficulty is a big OK for me. It's not too easy and also not to hard. I get pressured to keep them both well-fed and give them water a lot. It takes a lot of strategizing to prioritize necessities while also fulfilling goals set by the story.

Since then until now this game has no release date but you can go ahead and try the demo for yourself, it does not disappoint!

Genre: Indie, Racing, Vehicular Combat, Competitive, PvP, Co-op, Destruction, Multiplayer, Party Game

Graphics: 3D

Price: $24.99

Release Date: April 1, 2021 (Demo also available)

This is a very chaotic vehicular combat game. We are up against other players here so we may meet friends or we can play with our friends. I played it without friends, it was still fun. At first, it is going to take some time understanding what is going on and a lot of replaying to be able to get the boost and acceleration and basically t he gist of the game. I did not enjoy it very much in the beginning but once I got the hang of it and got into the chaotic vibe of it all, suddenly it was all very fun! Although I do recommend it to be played with friends.

Genre: Story Rich, Noir, Psychological Horror, Choices Matter, Multiple Endings, Dark Fantasy, Emotional, Anime, Drama

Graphics: Visual Novel-style

Price: $19.99

Release Date: May 1, 2021

The only visual novel game I have ever finished is Doki Doki Literature Club and that freaked the cakes out of me. So I tried playing MAMIYA. It crashed once and I had to replay some parts but so far this lives up to its dark fantasy genre and it is very emotional and dramatic. I did a little voice acting while I played this so I can tell by the script that it is full of emotions. Although I don't know where the story is going as far as I've played it. It looks a little pricey for this game but can't judge a game with the price until I play it whole.

Genre: Singleplayer, Adventure, Story Rich, Atmospheric, Exploration, Walking Simulator, Third Person, Puzzle

Graphics: 3D

Price: ---

Release Date: Coming 2021 (No demo available)

Ah yes, this game I enjoyed playing as well. Although there are lags in some parts of the game, it was a fun gameplay and left me in a good cliffhanger too. It does not let us play much of the real game. Just more of the Introduction/Prologue of the game where we are introduced to who we are playing as, what we are doing there and some puzzle samples that we may be doing once we have landed that plane.

This has such interesting concept and I look forward to its release. Sadly, demo is no longer available. But you can check out my gameplay if you feel like adding this to your wishlist.

Genre: Indie, Twin stick shooter, Zombie, Top down shooter, Singleplayer, 1980s, Dungeon Crawler, Adventure, Dark Humor

Price: ---

Release Date: Coming 2021 (no demo available)

No lie about the dark humor in the genre, it has a lot of that. This is a great game and I loved playing it. You have a lot of guns to choose from, customize them and killing zombies is not very difficult. You get introduced to new type of danger in your adventure but you also have a wide variety of guns to pick up. While this game is fun, I got a bit uncomfortable with the boss fights. It was super difficult and I replayed it more than 10x (I lost count from there) to beat the boss. Still, if this is your jam, don't let it stop you! I could be just bad at dealing with bosses.


Genre: Puzzle, Point and Click, Detective, Hidden Object, Singleplayer, Investigation

Graphics: Isometric, 3D

Price: $9.99 (it's on a Weekend Sale up until July 27 for only $5.99!!! Grab it now!)

Release Date: February 26, 2021

I lost my mind with this game, mindblown in a good way I tell you. This is a very creative puzzle point & click game where you play as a detective. You follow a story as you go from place to place and you unravel the mysteries of the town. I played about 2 levels of this. I love it! I don't like hidden object or puzzle games very much, but this one made its mark and reached my list! While it's not free on Steam, it is available in Google PlayStore for your android phones. At first I saw it was a paid game but last I checked it is free to play.

Genre: Walking Simulator, Story Rich, Singleplayer, Multiple Endings, Female Protagonist, First Person, Emotional, Mystery, Exploration, Atmospheric

Graphics: 3D

Price: ---

Release Date: Q3 2021 (Demo available)

Our final recommendation for the day (there is more so stay tuned). I am sure you are familiar with walking simulator games where it is focused on exploration and less on action. I enjoyed the company of the ghost in this story and loved the conversations I have with him. There are choices that may or may not affect the story. The music knows how to set the mood. I love where the direction of the story is going. It's not boring because you have someone who talks to you. I can tell this is going to be an emotional ride in the long run so I look forward to this game for sure.

Hope you found something interesting here. Let us know!

Games to Wishlist Part 2 and Part 3 to be released soon!

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