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Toy Store Battle | Plot Bunny

Toy Store Battle | Plot Bunny

As a ghostwriter most of my original writings are not credited to me. But there are kind clients who permits me to use bits of the content. Here is one I can share.

“I am on a rush schedule to buy Graham some supplies. But you know, it’s a really good idea to leave them here while I buy myself some fresh clean clothes.” I tell Roxy, opening my jacket a bit to show her the stained and massacre top I am wearing. She gasped in shock. “Don’t ask.”​

“Must be a bad morning, huh? I have extra clothes if you want to borrow.” When Roxy turned her back on me to go to her locker. All of the sudden, a dart comes flying on my forehead. It wasn’t sharp, the tip was a sucker. It didn’t stick to my forehead either which is good.

I glare at the source but there was no one there. Hmm, what exactly are the kids up to now? Swoosh! Something just ticked my butt next. I turn around and this time I see a sucker arrow on the floor. It bounced on my butt obviously, it wouldn’t stick to it. While Roxy was busy finding clothes, I walk towards the shelves where I believe the kids are hiding. As I was walking, wary of my surroundings, I didn’t notice the toy truck – a dump truck – on the floor, that caught my shoe. I almost slipped again but I was able to grab hold of someone’s shoulder. “Oh sorry.” I tell the woman I grabbed onto.

She shook her head and dismissed me as she walks away. This time around, I felt something on my hair. I immediately swat it and I felt it was hairy and well, rubber. I take it and I see insect-shaped toys. Ha-ha, I’m not afraid of these. I look around the shelves and I see a military hard-hat toy for kids. I took it and wore it in case they plan on shooting another dart or arrow at my head.

“I’m not in the mood for games, kids.” I tell them with a low voice. I looked to my right and this shelf has ‘weapons’ I could use for my defense. I see a long toy sword for my advantage. I quickly snatch it, I check the price… hmm, not that I am going to damage it. Just for my self-defense.


I turn to where I heard the shout was from and upon turning around, I was surprised to see a chucky doll sitting on the top of the shelf where we see each other eye-to-eye. I was so frightened that I let out a scream when I saw it, the fear caused me to walk backwards, unknowingly stepping on a set of colorful marbles on the floor.

With my defense down because of this creepy doll they had to put up there right in front of my face, I lost my balance for real and I fell on a shelf full of fluffy plush toys. The shelf falls down as my weight pushed it down on my fall. There was a loud thud as I fell. It didn’t hurt thanks to the soft cotton fluffy toys I landed into but I’m sure the damage has been done and it cannot be fixed.

I grab my toy sword and I quickly sit up, fixing the military toy hat I took to make sure my head is safe from future attacks.

But as I fixed the hat, a plastic basketball flies straight to my head. My defenses were able to keep my head from receiving any damage from that attack. I turned to the source of the ball and I see a different kid standing there, holding another plastic ball in his hand. This is not Graham or Daisy… they recruited more kids?! What the beatles?!

I quickly get back up and pushed the soft plushies away from me and I raise my sword at this boy. “Okay kid, this is not a nice thing to do to adults, you know?” I warn him, pointing the plastic toy sword at him for intimidation. Then I saw a button on the hilt of the plastic toy sword, I pressed it and the toy sword turned on its backlight. Blinking from red to blue.

“You can never defeat me, Darth Vader.” The boy said and ran to another shelf for refuse. What is he playing at? I am not cosplaying! This is a military toy hat made of plastic for goodness’ sake! I chased him anyways and this time around, I am careful if there are any more marbles or plastic trucks awaiting to bait me into tripping again.

She found the square playroom where puzzle floor mats with numbers and letters are located. Daisy was playing with the other younger kids, younger than Graham and his group.

“So, this is where you are hiding, huh? Where’s Graham and the boys?” I asked the kids. I want to deem Daisy innocent if Daisy were to cooperate with me.

But as soon as I finished my question, Daisy and her merry band began to pick up the colorful plastic balls from the baskets beside each kid and they threw it at me without mercy. It was raining plastic ball at me. It didn’t hurt but it was annoying me.

I felt someone tackle me from the hip and I fell backwards where I fell to a pit of plastic balls. A crash and a splash occurred; plastic balls scattered as they jumped out of the pit when I fell. Graham, who tackled me pointed his water gun at me and began to pull the trigger repeatedly. The water spilling on my face. My military toy helmet cannot defend my face from this.

While Olivia was chasing the kids around the big toy store, Roxy returned with the clothes she will lend her best friend. Upon her return, she heard the loud crash coming from Olivia’s crashing of the shelf. The people who heard it stared at Olivia and began to take pictures. Her coworkers wanted to stop Olivia from doing so but it seems that the customers enjoy the show so they refrained from doing anything to stop it.

Roxy just smiled as she watched her pathetic best friend play with the kids. Maybe Olivia was denying the fact that she enjoys her time with the kids but it is evident now that Olivia Taylor is actually REALLY good with kids. And they love her in return.

“What kind of marketing strategy you thought of this time, Roxy?” her coworker said, complimenting her. As if it was her idea for Olivia to do this.

“Nah, not my idea. It just came naturally.”

“You DO know that expenses must be paid with this damage, right?” her coworker brought up in case she thinks she’s excused because of the successful strategy to attract customers.

Roxy shrugged at him, eyes still locked on her best friend. “Deduct it on my pay grade. I want Olivia to have fun. This is the first time I’ve seen her so happy in years. Boys don’t make her feel this way.”

“You got it.”

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