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EP7: Cyberthug 7720 I | Humans and Zombies

< intercomm dialogue >

|| system ||

|| 'AI speaking' ||

' thoughts '

[ Location ]


[Human Region – Zone 1, Administration Area, Center License]

|| beep! ||

|| 'Ticket No. 271, please go to Counter 12.' ||

The AI repeated the announcement as Hilde finally got up from her seat, got her legs stretched and walking over to Counter 12.

"Hi, I'm Alexa. How may I help you?" the woman behind the counter greeted.

Big smile, red lips, dimpled cheeks, high ponytail so her face is in clear view.

After serving so many people, she still looks fresh and composed.

Her uniform is neatly ironed and the nametag on her right.

The rest of the ladies behind the counter dresses exactly like her, making Hilde think that these people are human androids of the sort.

"You're not… I mean you're a…" Hilde wanted to say. "You know…"

Alexa picked up on where she trailed off, still smiling.

"No, I am not a robot. It is the Administration's strict rules that we represent the government's work standards."

"Right, okay. It's just that you know, with a little makeup, you are so close to looking like Barbie dolls." Hilde continues.

"We get that a lot." Alexa sounded tired of it but covers it up with her smile. "Now, how may I help you…" she glances shortly to her monitor screen, "… Ms. Stillwater?"

"Ah yes, I want to apply for a Club ID, premium, international, ASAP." Hilde requested. "I filled out the forms while waiting." She handed over a large brown envelope.

Alexa accepts the envelope, but her brows furrowed.

"I'm sorry but we can only release local Club IDs." she informs sadly.

"It's for a case. Militia purposes."

"We've heard the same reason before, but the Militia often abuses their rights. You need to comply to our due process before we can process your request."

"Are you serious?!"

Hilde does not have the time to wait for it.

Normally, it takes weeks or even months to have it processed if she is treated like the average mass.

"I'm really sorry ma'am, but they strictly instructed us to restrict the privileges of the Militia." Alexa continues to apologize.

"I serve under a Guisarme team leader. Doesn't that cut me from the scumbags who abuse their rights?" Hilde urged.

"Guisarme team leaders may have their requests processed, but Guisarme Support Teams also have countless violations of abusing their team leader's reputation."

"But he's off doing something more important than going in line to request! Can't I represent him instead?"

"You'll need to bring proper requirements—"

"And come back again?"

Hilde is not having that. She is not going to line up again for another 4 hours.

By now, Killian and Reese probably have gathered more intel than her.

She stands up, "No thanks."


[Human Region – Zone 7, The Old Oyster]

MM led Killian into the bar's basement. It smelled earthy and warm. A strong lingering scent of sandalwood filled the place.

There are enormous barrels of exquisite wine lined up in one side and shelves of old wine bottles stored up for future high-paying clients.

In the middle is a pathway leading to a set of round wooded tables and pairs of chairs around it.

At the back, there is a small solo counter, a dusty call bell and a set of glasses on it. MM knocks on the counter.

"Are we calling on dwarves?" Killian scoffs.

"You said you wanted help." MM tells him.

"Yeah, I mean your help, not some mythological creature."

"And we thought zombies also are mythological undead."

Killian wanted to come up with a reply, but his throat choked, unable to think of anything.

He ended up sighing and leaning on the counter.

"Okay fine, fine. Why are we knocking on the counter instead of that big door behind it?" Killian pointed out.

"Just wait."

"Are we summoning some sort of mighty celestial creature?" Now he was just being sarcastic.

What Killian didn't realize is that a person reveals herself, rising from behind the counter and ringing the call bell to get his attention.

"You didn't ring." She voiced.

Killian almost jumped back, but his body remained in place.

His soul probably would have left him for the entire second of his jump scare.

"Hey Rox, this guy is Killian. My brother-in-law he needs help with a case." MM explains.

"What kind of case?"

Killian's color returns to him when he recovers. "It's classified."

"How do you expect me to help, then?" Roxy tells him, raising a brow.

"Just answer my questions. I have questions." Killian answers her.

"What am I? A debutante? I want to know what it's for." Roxy demands.

Killian mocks a laugh and turns to MM.

"Can you explain why this should be confidential? She doesn't get it." He says, pointing a thumb at her.

But MM does not back him up like he expected. She raised both hands and steps back.

"Whoa, where are you going?" Killian noticed she is stepping back.

"I will leave this to you two. I have to get back to work." MM casually makes her exit and leaves the basement.

"Oh, great." he mumbled when she really did walk away.

When they heard the door close, Roxy leans on the counter.

"No intel, no sharing." Roxy tells him.

"You want an exchange of information?" Killian tries to negotiate.

Roxy just beamed, mischievous and expecting, as she nods.

"Fine. Where did you come from?" Killian played her game. Not like she is giving him a choice. "I'm talking about actual answers, not philosophical answers, please."

Roxy pressed her lips together, still grinning as if she had planned to answer him just that.

"I sleep here. I cover myself with a camouflage blanket so no one will notice me." Roxy answered.


"This is where I stay." she repeats. "Now, what's the information for?"

Killian lifted himself up and peeked over the counter to see the pillow and the camouflage blanket.

He saw a knapsack of possible essentials that belonged to the girl as well.

Then he stared at Roxy in disbelief.

"Hey no judging! Not all of us has housing privileges."


"Now, can you share this confidential information with me?"

"I need the location of current zombie residents in the Human Region. Everyone you know. Please. This concerns them and their Zombie Evolution."

"What do you mean? What about the Zombie Evolution?" she asked with concern.

"You read the history books, right?"

"Just answer the question."

'Cheeky girl, aren't you?' he thought.

"Well, rumors are going around that zombies are reverting back to what they originally were; mindless, hungry beasts."

Roxy is stunned to hear the news. Fear was visible in her eyes.

"I- Is that so?" she managed to say to cover up the fear.

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