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Shiny Sword

As a ghostwriter most of my original writings are not credited to me. But there are kind clients who permits me to use bits of the content. Here is one I can share.

“HAMISH!” Hamish turned around when he heard Cohen’s voice behind him. Hamish stumbled back to the altar, overwhelmed to see that the goblin riders are right in front of him, with his friends as prisoners. “…be careful.” Cohen finished his sentence. And Amara rolled her eyes at the very late warning.

“How did you catch up with me so fast?” he questioned the lead goblin rider that was in the middle of the army, who was riding the biggest wolf among the rest.

When the goblin rider replied, he did not understand a thing. But he knew that when the goblin rider leader had raised his spear and pointed it at him, it was not a good reply. Hamish turned to the altar where the statue and the sword lay. Then he looked back at the goblin riders that was about to take him in as prisoner.

“Stop staring at the shiny sword!” Amara shouts at him when she saw his hesitation.

Without further delay, Hamish climbed the altar in an attempt to pull the sword out of the hand of the statue of the knight. “It’s stuck!” he announced as he tries to pull the sword off the statue’s hand, wiggling his body as he used all of his strength to pull it off.

“Give it more muscle, Ham!” Cohen cheered.

When the goblin riders were getting near Hamish, the boy was surprised to see that as he tugged on the sword’s hilt out of the statue’s hand, the sword glowed so bright that everyone within the area was blinded by the shining light.

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