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Reminiscing the Past | Plot Bunny

As a ghostwriter most of my original writings are not credited to me. But there are kind clients who permits me to use bits of the content. Here is one I can share.

“Wow, I really can’t believe you’re in town. I mean,” Victoria was speechless. She stuttered and was uncertain on what to say to her old friend. It has been years since then and she can tell right now that a LOT – an awful LOT – has changed since those times. “…just wow, look at you now!” she said and gestured at her friend Jane, wearing very casual unrevealing clothing. A turtleneck cashmere sweater and a nice pencil skirt fitting the light brown sweater she had on. Jane also has a golden star necklace around her neck.

Jane chuckled and had finished pouring down some champagne on a glass cup. She placed the bottle down so she could pick up both glasses of wine and give one to her friend, “I know the old days has been much of a memory for us.” She begins to say, “And I’m really sorry for what I got you and Rox into. After some time in boot camp, I began to rethink my situation and I learned to stop thinking selfishly about myself and then here I am,” she continued on while Victoria gives her a nod, “a changed woman.” She said the last part proudly before sipping from her glass of wine.

Victoria lifted her glass up to that last part in agreement, taking a swig and leaving the glass on the counter beside her. “So, you got sent to boot camp. Was that before or after we got out of juvie?”

“Before.” Jane replied smoothly, chuckling as she remembered a memory from the statement. “I remembered that your mom and Rox’s dad came over at our house for some sort of petition that I be put to juvie instead of their daughters. My parents argued with them all night. The end result was me being sent to boot camp.” She shrugged and takes another sip of wine, drowning away the memories, “I did not really have a choice because, man, I just violated some sort of friendship code there.”

“Oh, you bet your butt, you did.” Victoria agreed in certainty. This time, finishing her glass of wine. When Jane saw so, she went back to the table to get the bottle of champagne to refill both of their cups. “In our time there, we just… we changed too. I was let off easily but you flunked Rox deeper than me.”

Jane nods after filling Victoria’s glass, “How many months were in there?” she asked with a grin. She assumed that now that it has passed, that maybe Victoria had forgotten and gotten over it already.

However, what she did not know was that, it was a scar inside of her friend. “After two weeks in juvie, my parents were able to find a good lawyer to get me out, the judge gave me a good deal of six months community service in a farm. Gosh, don’t get me started on that horrible place!” Victoria said and Jane laughed at the thought of Victoria living off in a farm. She finishes her fair share of wine again so she could refill her cup. “My parents had always been keeping a close eye on me until I got married and had kids. It was like a prison even after that.”

When Victoria’s face has gone serious, Jane dropped the grin off her lips and it gave her more appetite to drown away the guilt with liquor. “I’m sorry.”

Victoria snorted afterwards, not paying attention at all to Jane’s apology, “But look at you now, huh? A preschool teacher?” she teased, “I hope you’re not teaching them to drink and party.”

“Ah,” with that, Jane let out a laugh. Maybe Victoria had forgiven her after all, “The opposite. While they’re young, I do my best not to lead them down that path.” She wanted to brag but Victoria just mocked her with a laugh.

“You? Straightening out preschoolers? Ha!” it must be the liquor but either way, she’s missed this. Just being loose and free to talk. Being at work had stressed her. Yes, she’s been able to financially provide everything that her children might need but she could not give her time fully to be with the kids. “I’d like to see how you do that.”

“That is the beauty of being changed.” Jane said and beamed. Raising her half-empty glass of wine for a toast.

“To the beauty of change.” Victoria agreed on that little toast so she raised her glass as well. Both of them had finished the glass of wine on their cups. But their conversation did not end there.

Jane could not help but bring it up, “So uh, do you still have any contact with Rox? I think she’s the one I should be apologizing to.”

Victoria paused for a moment, contemplating whether or not to answer that honestly. “…no.” she said flatly. “After her release from juvie, her parents moved out and they transferred elsewhere. I never heard from her again.”

“I- I see.”

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