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Portal to a New World

As a ghostwriter most of my original writings are not credited to me. But there are kind clients who permits me to use bits of the content. Here is one I can share.

“This is not funny anymore, Hamish. Let’s head back.” Cohen says.

“I don’t normally agree with him, but Cohen is right.” Amara said in agreement with her rival. But Hamish did not listen to them and kept moving forward, ignoring them as he focused on the voice he hears.

“Hamish, not one more step, you hear me?” Cohen warned.

As soon as his warning came off, when Hamish made another step forward, he suddenly fell. The kids gasped at the sight of a black portal on the cement floor. Hamish’s scream echoed across the empty hallway and he was gone from their sight. They hugged each other in fear.

“I warned him! I have been a good friend!” Cohen says, as he now plans to run away.

“No, we are not abandoning him!” Amara yelled at her rival.

Rhys who was trembling in fear shook his head. “This is not how I pictured my end would be! I pictured a sugar candy house, pretzels and cake!”

“You are both wimps!”

Amara pushed both boys into the portal-sucking hole and they screamed on the top of their lungs as they fell. They saw different toys in the background, falling with them, then they saw a purple dragon flying in the sky, breathing fire. They screamed and hugged their knees, hiding their faces with their hands. The background changed to horses and knights and then rainbows.

Eventually, they caught up with Hamish on the fall. And on their final landing, they found themselves in falling on a pile of hay. Hamish was the first to fall, followed by Cohen and then Rhys. Amara was the last to arrive. Hamish got out of the hay, seeing that they were in the stables but there were no horses. He looked up but there wasn’t a hole in the ceiling where they could’ve fallen from. Cohen got out of the hay and saw that they were in the stables.

“Tell me you saw there were rainbows earlier?” he asked and Hamish shook his head at his friend. “You saw that, right?”

“I did. But I think we have bigger problems than that.”

They heard Rhys got out of the hay, panicking when he saw his uniform was covered in hay. “My uniform! Oh man!” he exclaimed, then he turned to his friends. “I don’t want to do the laundry!” Hamish and Cohen saw a hand pop out of the hay and drag Rhys deep under the hay. “Help!”

Hamish and Cohen took the opportunity to leave the hay and observe the empty stables. “I wonder where the horses are.” Hamish said aloud. Rhys falls out of the hay and Amara was next. They were brushing off the hay from their uniforms.

“What is this place?” Amara asked.

“The stables, obviously.” Cohen answered for her, and Amara gave him a mocking face.

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