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Mother Dear

The love of a mother what can compare

The pang of birth for you she bear

Everything she gave both love and care

For you she always have time to spare

Only to watch her kids go to despair

Oh what sorrow it brings for her to share

Wishing she'd never let you leave her lair

That soon numbered the days of her hair

What I'd give for a moment what once so rare.

I look up, I see, I stare

What beauty I behold so fair

Hugs and kisses always comes in pair

A happy face she never forgets to wear

A time will come she warns, beware

Life will shoot at you a scar and a scare

Pride there is, I took on the dare

I watch like a book, her heart it tear

Please turn back time life is so unfair.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
May 19, 2022

Beautiful Poem. Keep it up. Looking forward for more...😘

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