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Brave Little Soldier

Contributed by ASHE.

Brave Little Soldier

Blow the trumpets now

The coffin is ready

The hearse is on its way

The riots are clearing

The rebellion is fading

The sky is turning gray

Bellow you last cries

Pray to your deities

Do what you must

The dark is setting

The calm has ended

The storm is approaching

O, do what you must

Brave little one

For the void is calling out to you

Take its hand or run,

It doesn't matter,

So long that you stand

Oh, brave one,

with shaking hands

And weeping eyes,

Are you brave enough;

To survive the night?

The void is calling out to you

Oh, do what you must,

Brave little one,

Take its hand or run,

It's doesn't matter

Just take your stand,

O brave little soldier

Will you keep marching on?

Can you beat your war drum once more?

O brave little soldier,

The calm has ended,

Prepare yourself,

Here comes the storm,

Come lightning or hail,

Stand through it all,

Oh brave little soldier,

Soon, you will be home

Eyes forward, little one

Square your shoulders

Puff out your chest

Hold your head high,

Your mind will do the rest

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S.D. Beck
S.D. Beck

More originals please



This was wonderful! Thank you for sharing this with us!

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