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Genshin Impact Magazine Vol. 1, Issue 1 | Floppi Pages Originals

Looks like we are back with another Genshin Impact post but this time, there is a little twist into it and a little different than the previous ones we posted.

As much as I want to host this within the website, we do not have the budget and means as of yet so we are using a third-party website for you to view this fan-made magazine with flipping effects!

Floppi Pages presents to you a fan-made magazine about the citizens of Teyvat! Thanks to Genshin Impact's camera option and the timely poses the characters do every now and then, we get to be creative with the game to produce such content.

If you love this, like this blog, drop a comment and share this with your friends!

The more support, the more content and longer magazines to be prepared the next time!

*Disclaimer: The backstory and events that was mentioned that occurred within the magazine may or may not be in line with the canon story.

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