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Favorite Podcasts for New Writers | Indie Journey

Confession time: Audiobooks and podcasts have always felt like a foreign language to me. Whether they're too fast, too slow, or veering off into chaos, I struggle to focus on spoken words. And, admittedly, some are just plain boring.

I've rooted out three standout, go-to writing podcasts. These podcasts feature engaging hosts, enlightening guests, and conversation flow that's just right. I've found myself regularly listening during my daily commute or while tackling household chores. Believe me, the insights I've gleaned from these podcasts about writing basics, sentence construction, narrative voice, and world-building have transformed my writing.

In every area of my life, I'm discerning about whose advice I follow. Writing is no different. These three podcasts are hosted by successful indie fiction authors, with a variety of backgrounds.

The Jed Herne Show by Jed Herne

First up, "The Jed Herne Show" by none other than Jed Herne. He's written several fantasy novels and a video game, and shares a wealth of information he's learned along the way in his podcast. What I appreciate most is the diverse range of topics he covers, all packaged into bite-sized episodes typically under 45 minutes. Plus, if you prefer visuals, you can find much of his content on his YouTube channel.

As a bonus, I'll mention "Wizards, Warriors, and Words," a podcast once co-hosted by Jed Herne, Rob J. Hayes, Michael R. Fletcher, and Dyrk Ashton. WW&W's last episode aired in June 2023, but there's still several seasons still available (on Spotify, anyway) of round-table discussions of writing, publishing, fantasy, life, and interviews with other authors.

Helping Writers Become Authors by K.M. Weiland

Weiland's wealth of knowledge and background as a story coach is perfect for aspiring authors to learn from. She's written fiction novels as well as several writing workbooks. Her podcasts clock in at manageable lengths, typically ranging from 15 to 30 minutes. Episode content varies with practical advice on everything from crafting compelling stories to effective marketing strategies.

Death of 1000 Cuts by Tim Clare

Tim Clare's distinctive voice and thorough critiques led to a marked improvement in my writing - looking at you, crunchy specificity. While earlier episodes focused on scrutinizing 250 word submissions, later episodes delve into interviews with other authors, writing exercises and prompts, and rambles about the publishing industry in general. These episodes usually hover around the one-hour mark.

Whether you're seeking inspiration, guidance, or a healthy dose of entertainment, I urge you to give these podcasts a listen. Trust me, your writing journey will thank you for it.

What other podcasts should I check out? Let me know!

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