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Hello, World | Indie Journey

Hello there! Please, grab a drink and stay a moment.

Welcome to the first official post of Indie Journey, a Floppi Pages blog.

I'm Del Hargraves, aspiring author and life-long book fanatic. I'm currently writing my first novel which is a dark, low fantasy. I've noticed online contains a wealth of information on how to start writing, different writing processes, book reviews... you name it, it's out there.

Sometimes, though, there's scant information on a particular topic. Only a couple brief reviews exist on that one book I found in my grandmother's house. Maybe an explanation doesn't resonate. Posts with the exact same questions I've had go unanswered for years. Information about independent publishing is scattered.

All those struggles brought me to here, to begin Indie Journey. This blogs has two purposes. The first is to support other independent authors in honing their skills. The second is to assist readers in discovering their next great read.

Even though I am new to novel writing, I have published my articles in local newspapers and scientific journals. While the sciences may not leave room for fantasy, I firmly believe that solid writing skills transcend any subject matter. I also bring varied experiences to my writing. Not only have I imagined tough challenges, I have lived them. My life ranges from a feral childhood on a homestead to now working in wildlife sciences, often in the wilderness.

Join me as I share my writing journey, from initial draft to final publication and beyond, and as I delve into engaging interviews with fellow indie authors.

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