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Read Well Break a Yang DISK

Read Well Break a Yang is a parody blog series starring the characters of Monty Oum's RWBY (animated series). The series contains of arcs of fun and skits. This is very similar to RWBY Chibi, except that this is a parody and is in no way connected to Rooster Teeth.

Season 1:

- Hair Effects

- Out of Character

- Out of Place

- Expectant

- Who Knew

- One thing a class doesn't talk about

- Waiting for the weather

- When my favorite character dies

- New Recruit

- Me when I try to face reality

- Yang Time!

- When You Refuse Reality

- The Feeling of Victory

- To be comforted by everyone but not the one you like

- A Semester can Kill

- Who is More Evil

- School Grades

- Nora's Solution

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