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Humans and Zombies DISK

The world is black and white, zombies and humans living separately in the same world. It won’t take long before the population increases and it wouldn’t be enough to share the world with each other. Reese Kaddius and his team stumbles into the zombie territory and realizes there may be a way to prevent an all-out war between two worlds.


SEASON 1: Zombie Evolution

Episode 2: Guisarme (July 19, 2022)

Episode 3: Duty Calls I (July 20, 2022)

Episode 4: Duty Calls II (July 21, 2022)

Episode 5: Watch Foxes I (July 22, 2022)

Episode 15: Charted Among Liars I (TBA)

Episode 16: Charted Among Liars II (TBA)

Episode 17: Charted Liar's End I (TBA)

Episode 18: Charted Liar's End II (TBA)

Episode 19: Charted Inheritance I (TBA)

Episode 20: Charted Inheritance II (TBA)

Episode 21: Charted Legacy I (TBA)

Episode 22: Charted Legacy II (TBA)

Episode 23: Charted Zombies I (TBA)

Episode 24: Charted Zombies II (TBA)

Episode 25: Uncharted Zombies I (TBA)

Episode 26: Uncharted Zombies II (TBA)

SEASON 2: Coming Soon

Episode 27: Notorious I

Episode 28: Notorious II

Episode 29: Notorious III

Episode 30: Notorious IV

Episode 31: Notorious First Son I

Episode 32: Notorious First Son II

Episode 33: Notorious First Son III

Episode 34: Notorious First Son IV

Episode 35: Notorious Second Light I

Episode 36: Notorious Second Light II

Episode 37: Notorious Second Light III

Episode 38: Notorious Second Light IV

Episode 39: Pet Monsters I

Episode 40: Pet Monsters II

Episode 41: Pet Monsters III

Episode 42: Pet Monsters IV

Episode 43: Pet Monsters Red I

Episode 44: Pet Monsters Red II

Episode 45: Pet Monsters Green I

Episode 46: Pet Monsters Green II

Episode 47: Pet Monsters Blue I

Episode 48: Pet Monsters Blue II

Episode 49: Pet Monsters Blue III

Episode 50: Pet Monsters Blue IV

Episode 51: Pet Monsters Silver I

Episode 52: Pet Monsters Silver II

Episode 53: Pet Monsters Violet I

Episode 54: Pet Monsters Violet II

Episode 55: Pet Monsters Brilliant Diamond I

Episode 56: Pet Monsters Brilliant Diamond II

Episode 57: Pet Monsters Shining Pearl

Episode 58: Pet Monsters Sword and Shield I

Episode 59: Pet Monsters Sword and Shield II

Episode 60: Pet Monsters Masters Ex I

Episode 61: Pet Monsters Masters Ex II

Episode 62: Pet Monsters Sun and Moon II

Episode 63: Pet Monsters Sun and Moon II

Episode 64: Pet Monsters Black and White I

Episode 65: Pet Monsters Black and White II

Episode 66: Pet Monsters Gold I

Episode 67: Pet Monsters Gold II

Episode 68: Pet Monsters Gold III

Episode 69: Pet Monsters Gold IV

Episode 70: Pet Monsters Gold V

SEASON 3: Coming Soon

Episode 71: The Last of Them I

Episode 72: The Last of Them II

Episode 73: The First of Us I

Episode 74: The First of Us II

Episode 75: The First of Us III

Episode 76: The First of Us IV

Episode 77: The Most of Them I

Episode 78: The Most of Them II

Episode 79: The Least of Us I

Episode 80: The Least of Us II

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jul 19, 2022

One of the most awaited stories! Can’t wait to start reading this guys! Understanding Zombies in another ways. Hmmm Cool😊

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