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Introduction | Learning Japanese 101 DISK

Have you ever thought of learning another language?

I have!

I am sure you have seen memes on what percentage of people wants to study Japanese for whatever reasons versus the percentage of people who wants to study Japanese to be able to watch anime without subtitles. I can vouch that it's true. Because I am one of those people. It just so happens that I have a Nihongo class back in college. Nihongo I (hiragana class) and Nihongo II (katakana class). I learned very little in class but mostly hiragana. Katakana was impossible, they are just lines!!!

Why won't you join me study? I would love to have a study-buddy!

For us to have at least an equal ability to comprehend Japanese, let's get started with the basics. We all know the basic greetings or common Japanese terms such as こんにちは or おはようございます! or わたしのなまえは Jessiです. Don't worry, I did not use any kanji here, just pure hiragana.

To get started, I want you to be familiar and be able to read hiragana characters.

This is a very important foundation. The vocabs can come at a later time. (This is my method of learning, okay? This is not something that everyone does. This is how I learned.)

Once you have learned how to read hiragana characters, we can start with basic conversations and learning new vocabularies, eventually learning bits of katakana and kanji, and gradually progress from there. Simple, right?

Come now, join me study! This will be great practice!

Introduction Video on what are the different 'alphabet' of Japanese.

We will be discussing an introduction of hiragana, katakana and kanji.

Once that is set and clear, we can get started on the next blog!




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