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18 We Were Liars Book Quotes

Read our Book Discussion and discuss with us here.

We Were Liars | Book Quotes

1. Gat is nothing like the rest of the Liars

“I’ll tell you a secret,” I whispered. “What?” I reached out and touched his arm again. He didn’t pull away. “When we say Shut up, Gat, that isn’t what we mean at all.” “No?” “What we mean is, we love you. You remind us that we’re selfish bastards. You’re not one of us, that way.”

2. Guilty.

Usually, I adored telling these stories and hearing them told.

3. It's why we choose silence.

It was important, she said; it was kind; it was best. Don’t cause distress, she said. Don’t remind people of a loss. “Do you understand, Cady? Silence is a protective coating over pain.”

4. MC is obsessed.

Because I was sick, and even more because Gat never called. He didn’t write, either. Weren’t we in love? Weren’t we?

5. Maybe every member of the family is screwed-up but MC is more so.

We are Sinclairs, after all, and Sinclairs do not behave like I was behaving.

6. Hoping Gat should have loved Raquel.

The bottom line is, Gat bailed when I got hurt. The bottom line is, it was only a summer fling. The bottom line is, he might have loved Raquel.
I wonder if he loved me. I wonder if he loved Raquel.
Gat, my Gat, who is not my Gat. The houses. The littles, the aunts, the Liars.

7. For once the doctors are being honest.

I’ll be fine, they tell me. I won’t die. It’ll just hurt a lot

8. Probably one of the cutest things the MC said.

"Lots of houses seem scary at night, but in the morning, they’re friendly again.”

9. Astrals, just stop girl.

I don’t know how to talk to him. I love him. He’s been an ass. I shouldn’t love him. I’m stupid for still loving him. I have to forget about it.

10. Maybe her mother should have allowed her to.

“There’s nothing in our whole house that says he ever lived with us, except me. Why are you allowed to erase my father and I’m not allowed to—” “Erase yourself?” Mummy says.

11. No, he won't be.

I turn and he’s running at me, wearing blue pajama pants and no shirt. Gat. My Gat. Is he going to be my Gat?

12. Maybe Gat is the one who should be contemplating those thoughts.

But how can I forgive him when I don’t even know exactly what he’s done to me?

13. And what are you really, Cadence?

“Why say suboptimal? Why not say what you really are? Thoughtless and confusing and manipulative?”

14. Thoughtless, check. Ignorant, check. Confusing, check.

“Who are Ginny and Paulo?” Gat hits his fist into his palm. “Ginny is the housekeeper. Paulo is the gardener. You don’t know their names and they’ve worked here summer after summer. That’s part of my point.”

15. Guess now we know how Cadence got Gat to say yes.

“I asked her four times before she said yes,” he’d always say, retelling one of his favorite Sinclair family legends. “I wore her down. She said yes to shut me up.”

16. Thank you Gat for telling that to Cadence's face! She needs a reality check.

Gat’s back is to me. “You say we shouldn’t feel sorry for you—” “Yes.” “—but then you come out with these statements. My boyfriend is named Percocet. Or, I stared at the base of the blue Italian toilet. And it’s clear you want everyone to feel sorry for you.

17. 'Cuz she's complaining and giving away stuff for reasons I can't comprehend.

"Just think before you complain about stuff other people would love to have.”

18. Excuse me, Gat hurting you? Or you hurting Gat?

“It’s going to end badly and mess everything up.” “I love him,” I say. “You know I’ve always loved him.” “You’re making things hard for him. Harder than they already are. You’re going to hurt him.” “That’s not true. He’ll probably hurt me.”

Read our Book Discussion and discuss with us here.

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