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All Hail the Titanic Ship of Fairy Tail🚢

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"I would like to talk about one of the best ships I've ever seen in Fairy Tail and in the universal anime world. Don't get mad or anything, I like other ships and I'm one who writes fanfictions to experiment with some unusual pairs, especially those who catch my attention. I am also one who usually gets hooked up with characters who are minor or side characters or those that are under the 'Underrated Category'. I won't lie when I say Levy is one of those characters and that she's one of my favorite.

So I'll talk about their differences, their similarities and why I ship them.

Why Titanic you may ask? Well, it is partly based off from the 1997 film Titanic and partly based on its definition. According to google that is, it means 'of exceptional strength, size or power'. And for me, yes for me, there's no doubt that Gajevy/Gale (and other shipping names I didn't know of) is a powerful pair that many people would wish they were canon. And after some manga scenes and other hints that fans and otakus found, they are certain it is official. I won't take sides until I finished watching the anime (currently at episode 110) and the manga (which I haven't started.

Without holding you back, I will begin."


"It's hard looking for someone so small. So don't leave my side."

- Gajeel

When I haven't watched Fairy Tail yet, I usually browse the internet for some images and such and usually I'd see a Gajeel x Levy fanart, a manga or a doujinshi (don't even think about it searching them, not appropriate for you young ones). Anyway, this already got me thinking that 'oh these two are a couple in the anime' so when I watched the series I was unfamiliar with Droy and Jet's faces so that got me thinking again 'who the heck are these guys?'.

Later as I continued to watch, I realized Gajeel wasn't introduced yet, and that he wasn't even part of Fairy Tail yet. He appeared as an antagonist of the Phantom Lord arc where he made the first move to provoke Fairy Tail to lose their cool and hopefully give up Lucy, the one that they want.

And so I was a bit surprised that Gajeel's target on episode 21 was no other than Shadow Gear, where Levy was. Dang! Later I saw the three hanging by the park in the tree, crucified of some sort and I knew feels would hit me later on.

Gajeel Redfox is a Dragon Slayer who was first introduced as a member of the Phantom guild. He's brutal, violent and doesn't care if he hurts a girl or whatnot. Not even his allies could do the things he does. This is the kind of violence that I see little in other anime of less-dark category but I don't care. I'm into these dark twisted stuff. When he got back to base he reported in about what he did and this act effectively provoked the whole Fairy Tail to go for an all-out war against them.

So after that I'd like to know one thing. How the heck did Gajeel have Levy fall for him after what he's done? Clearly it was skipped (what happened when he attacked the Shadow Gear) and I have a dozen of ideas in my head for fanfiction already but the point is, HOW? How'd he do that?

Skipping to the part where he joined Fairy Tail, we see everyone's reactions regarding Gajeel's presence, and it was an unwelcoming one. Seriously, what was Makarov thinking? But I understand why he invited Gajeel (forgot what episode that was). Anyway, going back to topic. They did not welcome Gajeel in the guild after what he's done, especially to his victims; Shadow Gear.

Jet and Droy challenged him- nah wait- it was more like they beat him without him resisting or fighting back. He even allowed that jerk Laxus to give him a good beating, but this was a sign that Gajeel was sorry for what he had done to them. It was the first step and may not be enough to be forgiven but I think our Levy here counted that as something.

Let's skip again. Now let's go to where Laxus made his game thing, and we saw Gajeel defended Levy. And we get to see Levy conjure the word 'Love' (for whatever reason did she do that, eh?)

It was by that time that it confirmed in my inmost thoughts that these two will one way or another be together.

So, we'll skip again. Edolas Arc. Levy wasn't really here, more on Gajeel, finally finding his cat. But I'd like to discuss it too since this is about Gajeel's side. So at the beginning of the arc, we'll see that Gajeel noticed something between himself and the other Dragon Slayers (namely Natsu and Wendy). They had cats (or Exceeds) while he had none. So he was trying to find one.

Good news! He found one. A cute one at that.

Skipping again to a new arc. The arc where S-class wizard contestants are chosen and one of them is my dear Levy. The tricky part here is that these chosen ones will need a partner. So when Gajeel wasn't chosen it was okay. Because he will be paired up with Levy.

When Makarov mentioned about the pair thing, I immediately tried to guess who'd pair with who, I voted wrong on majority of them while I hit the spot with Levy and Gajeel.

I'll stop here since I haven't watched the rest. Let's hit chapter 2.


"I'll have you know, I'm not the same damsel in distress I was when you first met me."

- Levy

Let's go back again from the beginning, this time on Levy's side. So we already know the facts here. She's small in appearance, cheerful and friendly and always seen hanging around with Jet and Droy until Gajeel came along. So at the beginning of the series, she's not much to note about other than she suddenly became best friends with Lucy because of their common interest. (There's even a meme regarding her character design changing from episode 2 and on episode 3 she's evolved).

So back to topic, when the Phantom Lord arc was starting, Fairy Tail is receiving threats and stuff from the Phantom guild. Droy, Jet and Levy were walking to Jet (or Droy's?) home and they suggested Levy should stay with the girls at the girls' dormitory but Levy said it's okay if she's with them since they're a team. (Yeah... probably one reason Levy got little screen time). But her act of insisting to stay with them brought herself to misery since Gajeel chooses them for his provocation towards Fairy Tail.

There's no specific story of what happened but judging from the result of Gajeel's beating towards them, it wasn't good. The three were later treated and not seen in the entire arc until it ended and they have finally recovered.

And this was Gajeel's first encounter with Levy.

"Why'd Levy fall for someone like him? That jerk! He has no respect for ladies, he even beat the crap out of Lucy for no reason!" Hey calm down and let's see what happens next.

On their second meeting was when Gajeel showed up within the guild, it seems that Makarov invited him to join Fairy Tail after Juvia joined them. I was expecting a reaction from Shadow Gear actually and I was excited to see how the confrontation would go but it just made me laugh when I saw Levy 'hid' behind (under) the table when she saw Gajeel instead of making a fuss about him joining Fairy Tail. Jet and Droy satisfied my guess but Levy did something I did not expect.

Which now leads us to where Jet and Droy were picking a fight on Gajeel to avenge themselves. Seriously, I imagined he'd beat the crap out of them since he was the type to love brawling like Natsu does. He was loud and violent, so I expected he'd beat them for trying to pick a fight with him. But he didn't. Dear Levy and I noticed why.

This is based on my understanding. He wants to show them he was sorry. There was no way he can bring back time and undid what he did, so the best was have them, allow them to beat him back.

I expected Levy to give him a good slapping or scold him or something, anything for her to express her anger, but then again she didn't seem to want to do those things. She's one of those wizards/mages in Fairy Tail that isn't into fighting, so we can see the results of that. Her capability to fight is not something we can boast about.

Well at least there are improvements. From "almost getting killed" to ""watching the man who beat you get beaten up", that's not really a romantic way to start a relationship.

Let's skip to the part about the S-Class promotion where Levy needed a partner and we obviously know Jet and Droy would be interested in being her partner but Gajeel also wants to be her partner.

What I like about Gajeel is that he doesn't care what others think of him. Sure he's the guy with the many faces. One who can show a serious face, a crying face and even a smiling face if he wants to. There are many sides of him and we can only see the funny sides when he's with Lily or Levy.

Gajeel still doesn't show any sort of respectful treatment towards Levy when he picked her up like she was a doll and tells her they would be partners and he'd make her S-Class. But that's the cute part of it. He's rough, strong and big while Levy is gentle, smart and small.


"Having our differences doesn't break us apart, it makes us stronger."

- this is just me because I ran out of quotes

So let's end this blog once and for all.

In about two to three encounters, these two had developed something big and strong. Their love for each other. And that's not something that is easy to build... even if they're fictional. It's something to earn.

So going back, "How does Gajeel convince Levy to fall in love with him?!". Simple, he had three slick moves to take note of. First, you beat the crap out of your girl. Second, you let her watch you get beaten by others. Third, you force yourself to be paired up when the opportunity comes. Simple right?

So... "Why did Levy fall in love with someone like Gajeel?". Simple. Gajeel used his tricks on her. First, he shows his sorry. Since he hurt Levy with physical pain then he will apologize as well... in a way that involves physical pain. Second, start fresh. With the two pairing up at the S-class promotion trial, they acted like nothing happened in the past and has developed their relationship some more.

The part that made this relationship work is not just because Gajeel did all the work by himself or Levy being an easy girl. This relationship worked because they both earned it.

They have their differences yes. Just like how Levy loves books while Gajeel does not, Gajeel loves to fight while Levy here already hinted signs she's not into fighting, refusing to even start or get herself involved to one.

I've seen Levy party with FT members but I haven't seen her join in their brawl yet.

So yeah, these two... this ship... it will go on no matter what happens. Even if tons of other new anime pop up or if time passed by, their love will go on *cue Titanic's my heart will go on playing* (and no, no one's gonna die xD).

The ship that defied the Mutual Relationship Law

The ship that made me scream.

The ship that gave me feels.

The ship that I want to be canon so bad.

The ship that will go on forever.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Thanks for making it 'til the end!

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S.D. Beck
S.D. Beck
Jun 11, 2021

This ship better not end tragically

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