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Simca the Swallow | Air Gear

Simca the Swallow


Simca is from the anime AIR GEAR.

Recently, I watched this anime called Air Gear and surprisingly I got addicted and finished it in three days! (Internet connection's fault). Anyway here, I'd like to discuss about the character Itsuki 'Ikki' had a crush on, Simca.

First Meeting.

When she first showed up, she just laughs and smiles and Ikki was looking at her or staring at her a lot and it makes Ringo jealous. This has a hint of ecchi in it so we can expect one of the reasons Ikki was looking at her was her body. Then her point of contact with Ikki grew when Ikki discovered her name and placed his (Sleeping Forest's) emblem over somebody else's. Simca would tell Ikki to do something and then would give her a reward afterwards. So what's my point?

Simca's side.

Short version; I thought she was a bad guy at first but she's not, and she does not deserve the lack of spotlight and how her character was treated in the series.

With this kind of personality, the whole being nice and flirty with Ikki could be just part of a plan to either get him to do something for her or join her side. I mean, she's part of a team, that's for sure. And the way Ringo treats her could mean they're against each other. So I thought that perhaps Simca is a bad guy. Like trying to raise Ikki or help him rise for her selfish benefit but as the series went on, Simca revealed to really have fallen for Ikki. And even cut her hair for him!

PS. I kinda liked her better with her long hair. And that hat of hers.

Simca is fun in the series.

At a certain point in the series, after Ikki's battle with someone (I don't remember), Simca didn't appear for a while. Then pops back later on when Ringo was contemplating whether or not to appear as the Masked Croissant (is the name right?) and Simca steals the costume, replacing it with something really embarrassing. Then the whole Genesis thing went kaboom! on Ikki with Simca's hair down and bowing before him and stuff.

Simca vs Ringo.

Back to topic, Ringo was going to help even if she was wearing the humiliating costume Simca prepared for her. But Simca talked to Ringo about the members (they are up against) and later Onigiri who was fighting with a woman (the snake something) that time, suddenly won. Ringo could've butt in if Simca didn't stop her (that could have been a penalty if she did). Simca is on their side, regardless of her playful side or the whole RIngo-and-Simca-are-rivals vibe. I don't think Ringo treated her fairly and she's awesome but I still disliked how she treats Simca.

PS. I wanted to see that Masked Croissaint in action!

(Ranting) After reading the entire manga, watching all episodes and the OVA, and just the first couple of minutes in the in an episode or OVA) and there I saw Ringo attacking Simca (who seemed 'powerless'?) and later she's seen hospitalized. I kind of don't get that. Why?

My point.

What I'm trying to say is, Simca is not really a bad guy or anything. It's just that she has a team different from Ikki so Ikki treats her as an enemy. She even encouraged Ikki to try and use and enjoy the AT's by letting him do stuff that he wants (although it's the reason why she seemed like a bad guy to me). And of course always pissing Ringo off. It's her charm, it's who she is, she can't be judged because of that.

PS. I ship Ringo and Ikki at the end. I just don't like how Simca lost her cool after falling for Ikki. Usually when they like someone, they transform into a cooler character. Why wasn't it the case with Simca? It's like she's a dumped character or like Rize Kamishiro who was rendered useless after being so critical in Kaneki Ken's life. That''s how Simca ended up to be.

(Ranting) know, I know, there are times that Simca is the one picking a fight on Ringo or teasing Ringo but come on, she can't let Ringo win without a fight! Plus she probably knows Ringo is easily pissed. It's part of her charms to tease! Although the only personality I don't like about her is being flirty. Other than that she's cool.

Final thoughts.

Therefore, I think that Simca's character is created to begin the story and inspiring the MC so he'll level up and all that and to give a little love triangle issue with Ringo but it's kinda obvious that Ikki and Ringo ends up together (not even a single doubt about that). In the end it felt like a harem wherein the girls at the sidelines get hurt after not being chosen and will happily watch the MC and his partner (Ringo) from below. That kind of future. The probable point of all this is to share to you guys of this character that is now one of my favorites.

It sucks how they get treated that way. Even with the hard work, I don't think Ikki deserved to be where he is without the help and sacrifice of these ladies. It was not just Simca, there are other girls who deserved better.

Thank you for reading!

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