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Levy McGarden's Solid Script Magic

DISCLAIMER: All images are from the anime.

*Sorry this is just me being a complete Levy-centric idiot who wants to give her spotlight to the series.

**My ranting may or may not be interesting because as mentioned above, this blog will entirely focuse on giving attention to our bookworm.

**I enter the room**

"Ahh you must be Levy-chan! I read about your application and I'd be interested to hear what you have in mind regarding Levy McGarden and her ability. I hope you won't be biased though, considering that your name is also 'Levy'."

Me: Ah haha! I'll try my best to be fair. I just want to share a lot of things about this character. One reason that got me hooked up was her character and the Phantom Lord arc after all.

"Oooh you'd discuss Phantom Lord arc as well?"

Me: Shortly, yes.

"Well then I can't wait to hear more about it! Let's start the interview!

Pick your Poke— I mean Character

The character I want to choose is no other than Levy McGarden. She's your average– no, not average– she's a whole lot of being a bookworm than a combatant. With the help of reading glasses I bet she's read more than the books I've read in real life so I wouldn't dream of battling with her in quiz bees.

She's a mage in Fairy Tail and Team Leader of the group called "Shadow Gear" and her teammates are Jet and Droy. So you basically the stuff about her already. Her height, her magic and most of all her partner, Gajeel.

The reason I chose her is that I want to see the possibility of her being more than what she was designed to be.

What are your Favorite Moments about her?

I will mention only those I know according to what I've watched. Now I've only watched until episode 156 so please forgive the lack of knowledge here.

One of the moments that made her memorable to me is the Changeling episode (or so I think that's what the title was called). It's a filler/special, I'm not sure but I know it's a 1-episode thingy where the characters switch bodies and they ask Levy for help. Now the reason I mentioned this is because in previous episodes, we've only been able to see glimpses of her or see her with Fairy Tail but who the heck cares for her even if she showed up? Kinda like a so-what-if-she's-there impression.

But in this episode we were able to see what her ability is about, what her strengths are and such. Although she didn't use her Solid Script magic here, I was able to know that she's one heck of a bookworm.

Another moment is at the Battle of Fairy Tail Arc. When Laxus made some game out of Fairy Tail and the reason for his expulsion in the guild. Now I want to special-mention the fact that Levy was there with the other girls modeling and stuff (we get a glimpse of her Solid Script magic here) and she also helped in fighting off Freed's runes but I have a different focus here.

When Laxus first showed up, he was already a character that will cause a viewer to squeal or go bananas. His character design is awesome but we can see clearly that his attitude isn't worth loving so to sum it up few characters like him so much.

(Flashback a bit after the Phantom Lord arc, when Jet and Droy were beating Gajeel for payback, we see Laxus appearing and giving Gajeel a beating too right? And we can expect Levy to hate him or badmouth him for being a jerk but she didn't.)

Back to present, in this part, Levy discovered something regarding Makarov's condition and she went to stop/ Laxus. The little shrimp actually had the guts to talk to someone like Laxus, try to stop someone like Laxus and care for someone like Laxus that she actually look the courtesy to tell him news. (It's not that she's the only member available right?) Well for me she's by far the member there who treats all Fairy Tail guild members equally regardless of their personality. And Laxus was no exemption to her caring side.

One point for bravery, one point for courage and one point for later being defended by Gajeel from Laxus' attack.

A character like this deserves more than the attention they give her.

What was her fate in the series?

This is where the Phantom Lord arc comes in. So one of her fate was to have a very unique encounter with Gajeel instead of your usual love-at-first-sight kind of encounter. She almost got killed.

And that fate is tied to a future fate where the two later became one of the best ships ever in the Otaku world (for me that is).

But even so, her character did not elevate in terms of combat. She's the girl who we still know as the bookworm and the girl that Gajeel has to save all the time (heeeey! I object!).

For short, her character improved in terms of relationship status, her abilities remained the same and such. (Reminder, I wasn't able to watch beyond episode 156.) it's like the only thing interesting and worth our time about her is knowing how her relationship with Gajeel goes (nooo I object again!). Which is why I decided... what if...

What Theory did you have in mind for her?

I thought that... what if in the Phantom Lord arc, after the beat-up from Gajeel, it became a turn of events for Levy to become a stronger mage— and when I mean 'stronger' I mean, to be someone who battles with others— who will be, if not a main character, at least someone who gets development in that area.

Like; what if her Solid Script Magic is more powerful than we think it is?

I'm actually planning a fanfic about it but anyway, there's just this thought. I mentioned in my previous blogs about how her magic has the ability to "create" whatever she wanted. So we've seen her do sorts of elements from fire to thunder and iron (with a heart lol). These stuff that literally Dragon Slayers can consume and give them strength again. Since I didn't get far from the anime I'm not sure where else her ability was used but let's stick to these that I know. So she can "create anything". That's like a very general power.

Compare it to Gray's and Lyon's "Ice Make" powers, they can literally do anything with it. From living ice creations like birds or when Gray recreated a duplicate key in Edolas or create spears and stuff. The possibilities of creating ANYTHING is endless! Their limits is that they "Ice"-make while Levy just "CREATES". She can do ice, she can do fire, she can do EVERYTHING.

So this power may or may have not any limitations of the sort but since this is a what if I'll discuss it even if it seems impossible. So read at your own risk. But... What if whatever she reads in her books she can work on with her magic?

Like for example she's read a book about tornado spells of some sort and after practice she can recreate tornadoes as well just by writing it midair! Come on, that's super awesome right?

I'll discuss below the possible effects to future arcs.

What if by some miracle it actually happened?

So assuming that it actually happened. Levy will pursue to actually train and be stronger to protect herself and her friends (and we're using the beatup as turning point of change) and let's add a little Laxus speech (after he beat Gajeel) about the weak (because if my memory is correct, Laxus did not start off as a strong character. He was strong later on) so maybe with a little speech from him it'll add motivation for her to believe she CAN be strong. (And the speech happened because Laxus knows he is one of those who receives Levy's equal treatment as I mentioned above).

So I hope this little summary helped you out. Let's move forward.

Now that the "what-if" actually happened. Let's say Levy trained in some way. Whether with Lucy or by herself, she later finally becomes a fighter. Although still not the type to brawl like the usual cast of Fairy Tail members does, she's still the 'same old same old' just watching them brawl and party and being a bookworm. The only thing changed about her is her combating.

So in future arcs she can help out in "refueling" the Dragon Slayers and even help Wendy in being this super cool support mage or let Wendy do the offense along with other Dragon Slayers while she handles the support and hold the fort. This is just three of the possible changes. There's more.

In battles with Gajeel (yes this does not change except that) she will no longer have to be a damsel-in-distress (I disagree that she was in the first place) and you don't have to complain that "Gajeel has to save her all the time" now the two can equally save each other.

Hanging out with the main cast. I'd like to put this but I'm scratching it so this is just a mention. Now that she's not weak or a side character maybe she can hang out with the main cast? I don't think many would agree to it because there will be lesser NaLu moments and some NaLu fans (no offense but this is based on observation when involving NaLi vs NaLu) have the tendency to hate. Maybe in fics it would work but canon. There'd be World War 3.

So she can stick in the background or with Gajeel like she usually does but she's got more screen time and such and is more helpful not just in books and spells but also in battle.

I hope it's acceptable.

**Interview Ends**

"Interesting thought. So you've been dropping hints since before."

Me: Yeah. Just now I had the opportunity to discuss.

"Well then thank you for your time! See you again soon."

Me: Thank you as well.

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