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Richard T.D.

The Agent

Co-author of Memory Unlocked

About the author

Richard wasn’t a very fan of reading. Growing up he found reading to be a chore, a pain, something that he had to do for the assignment worth half the grade for a class. This changed when he discovered the more peculiar sites of the internet and found more adult themed stories that started his writing journey.  Reading stories that probably forty year old moms would read while drinking wine, scented candles lit, and enveloped in their favorite bath robe.


His first literature attempts started when he was seventeen but they shall forever remain buried in internet history of the random website he decided to post them and gain his first followers. His journey went into a complete stop after that until he was forced to join a discord server. Which was probably one of the best things he made in his life.


Here his itch to write was once again reignited by participating in some of the server monthly prompts. It was a night of April when out of a joke with his now co-writing partner, Jessi Tayylor,  he embarked into one of his more serious work so far Memory Unlocked: Rewired Hearts.

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