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Feedback | How to be a YTCC 101

As a content creator, one of the important things you need to understand that you need is "feedback" and good news! Because you don't need to hire a professional to take a good look at your rising channel. You can ask fellow content creators to give you a feedback that is effective for your improvement.

To avoid misunderstanding, let us define the terms we will use first.


It is any comment or return response regarding a person or his/her channel and this response can in turn be used as a content creator's basis for improvement.

I don't think everyone understands the meaning of feedback. It does NOT always have to be something positive, what you are looking for is a compliment or praise. As a start-up channel, there will always be something to improve no matter how ready you think you are.

One other thing to take note of is that, not everyone will agree to what you think. It is given if there will be at least 2 out of 10 who did not agree with you on your thumbnail choice, theme idea, niche combination, etc. Either way it is important to take their feedback into consideration. Again, this is the basis for your improvement.


is to give an idea/plan for consideration (not forcing you to do it)

"For consideration" - careful thought (think about it, it is not an order/command)


is to give you a possible alternate thing to do or idea, plan, software, tactic, strategy, style, etc. that is good IN MY OPINION. It is your choice whether to consider it or not, I am not forcing you to do it.


is to point out what can be improved. I am NOT insulting or being rude. I mean if you want me to sugar-coat everything and praise you for your work, then a feedback is not what you need. You need an audience who enjoys your video. Doesn't mean I did not say one good thing about your channel that it's bad. I am just focusing on what I think needs improvement but again, that is just my suggestion (for consideration) I am not forcing you to do any of that. The point of feedback is to point out what you can improve, how can you improve if all you want me to say is anything positive?

Scope and Limitation

Now the feedback can be anything from your channel logo, channel art, thumbnail, sound, BGM, strategy, schedule and video itself (yes they may watch).

This is not treating you like a novice, this is like asking for a survey for free.

Do you know why there are paid survey jobs online to check on their website? Or why YouTubers would say something like "tell me your thoughts on the comment section below"? It's because they are asking for your feedback.

These websites need your opinion on their website. A variety of people can talk about their web design, if the font is readable, if their services are good or needs further improvements, they will never know unless people/audience outside of their corporation gives them feedback.

The same thing with YouTubers. Where do they get their ideas? Comment section below. Thoughts and suggestions of the audience. There could be people pointing out 'your bass fiverr videos are good' so it's natural Davie would go for more of that or 'the intro is so long' so the next time, they may or may not acknowledge it, it will change. There could be really bad or FOUL comments, which is anything that does not point out what needs to be improved. In fact, let's add that to our terms.

FOUL COMMENTS (Bad, nonsensical, unhelpful)

Any comments or feedback that is intended to ridicule, insult, mock, degrade or is not intended to provide any basis for improvement. Remember some of these comments could be just meant for spam or there are trolls passing by, or complaining without offering an alternative solution or clarifying that they mean well.


"Your shouting hurts my ears that's why I un-subbed. Maybe if you fix the volume I will come back to check."

"The editing is really bad, my ten year old can do better than this. Have you ever thought about hiring an editor?"

These comments are in the middle. It is up for interpretation really. They could be sarcastic or straightforward honest, which may hurt or we may not care. There are comments like this that sometimes I take note of and in the future, if I get a similar feedback, then the first person who mentioned it in an impolite way probably means well.

Why am I asking for feedback?

This may seem like you are asking for the basics but you should think of it this way; the person giving feedback does not know who you are. Their feedback is based on first impression. Which if you remember from our Branding blog, is

"It’s the first glance, the first gaze, the first visit a new person or audience will see in your channel. It’s the bait to keep them biting until we reel them in as a permanent subscriber."

Their reaction is the very same as any first-time viewer of your channel. So whatever they saw in your channel the first time, it may be the same for others. Which is why taking their feedback into consideration or in your notes.

You want them to understand your channel and your content to be able to provide insight you may have heard before, you may have already known or you may have not seen.

In instances that some feedback or suggestions or questions are common, please do not assume you are being treated as a noob. You can actually take that common feedback as something that the majority sees. Analytics thing really. It's your choice how to use that to your advantage.

First impression is like meeting you for the first time.

So if you are good with all this and you understand what I am saying here, then you are ready to meet the world!

If you are not ready for feedback that is not full of praise, compliment and flattering words, then the world out there may eat you alive. Some people flat-outs says their opinion whether it's insightful or not and it may or may not hurt. In preparation for future criticism, this is a good way to go. And it is also very helpful for improvement. I've personally improved through a series of feedback returns from content creators around the world. This will also help you meet content creators who really care about their channel and genuinely care for fellow content creators.

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