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How to be a YouTube Content Creator 101


How does one qualify to share their experience in getting started with this journey? What gives me the right to talk about how to be a YouTube content creator?

First off, I am a YouTube Content Creator. I may not have a viral channel or have over a hundred thousand subscribers or is in any way close to being an influencer. But I know I am one. What I am about to share you is not uncommon. It is something you probably had already heard a thousand times by now, but let me go over it again in explicit detail. Second, everything that I wrote will be everything that I have learned throughout my rise to confidence. From one content creator to another, I surveyed and received all sorts of feedback. I am open to it because I believed it’s how I will improve. And lastly, building a community is way better than empty sub counts. You will understand as you read through the series.

If you are not a fan of reading, worry not. I have summarized these posts and have highlights for the important keywords you need to remember.

I will update this blog every time I uploaded a new post connected to this series. So you can always backtrack here to see what you have missed or want to re-read a post for whatever purpose it may be.

Who Am I:

My pseudonym is Jessi Tayylor. I want to finish a novel under this alias one day. Voice impressionists on YouTube inspired me to be a voice actress and thus began my voice acting journey on March 31, 2019. I focused on Japanese voice acting, which ended quickly. A year later, after the pandemic hit, I went back to YouTube with a revamped channel. I shifted to a gaming niche but still mix in voice impressions along the way.

My content will change again this July 2021. I will focus more on game reviews (Before You Play), #supportingindiegamedevs videos (honest reviews or just reviews in general), and games to wishlist series. Let’s Play is a little overrated and for someone with my numbers, few are really interested to watch. I will have bonus content like voice acting, vlogs, art and music along the way.

Within months I have achieved 300 subscribers and this year of 2021 I am going slow and steady with 400 subscribers. Now that you saw my numbers, you are probably thinking…

Let’s not look at the numbers. Take a good look at what I have for you instead. This is free and is something I had to learn in my journey.

How to be a YouTube Content Creator Series:

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1 Comment

S.D. Beck
S.D. Beck
Jun 11, 2021

You're off to a good start

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