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Brit Girls Go Stateside interviewed by their NUMBER ONE fan | Meeting this YouTuber

Enter the mind of the Brit Girls!

Today's guests are very special because the girls and I have quite a history together that bloomed into a spark of a beautiful friendship with lots of appreciation-exchange.

Julie and Lucy are a mother and daughter team who started filming skits and challenges and now has improved to a lot of other content relating to their hometown, Norfolk and America where they now reside in. There is so much fun and laughter, a detailed throwback — I think I would call it a documentary for the amount of research and visuals in their memory videos which is a really fun watch!

If you have also never heard of a fun informative video, they sure know the secrets of turning these informative and educative videos into a fun learning experience. There is more to it than I can write because I don't want to spoil.

Without further ado, please give a warm welcome to the Brit Girls!

The top 3 favorite videos of the Brit Girls.

Go ahead and check them out!

"My Dear Bessie: The Story Behind The Book | With Readings By Benedict Cumberbatch And Louise Brealey"

I haven't watched this yet but I have big expectations for this one.

"Brit Girls Challenge! Indoor FootGolf!"

Oh my, one of my favorites and one of the first ever video that I have watched from their channel. This one is so original!

"Brit Girls Challenged!! By Gamer Girl Jessi!! Drawing!!"

I guess all of their videos are my favorites and especially this one. It is special because I am in it. Sort of. The drawing challenges are really fun!

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