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15 Video Recommendation for the Week | Channel Discovery

Every week we will try to round up a number of videos from potential YouTube content creators all around the world! The set will contain gaming, vlogs, informational, educational, business, make-up, how-to's and many more! Anything that you might be interested to watch or have been looking for might already be in YouTube and you just don't know it.

This week we received 15 favorite videos that were filmed and edited by the following YouTube content creators we will introduce to you.

#1 The Swagologist

Get to know the man behind the channel:

My channel is about my passion and love for superhero movies and other "geek" culture and that people love the way I react and explain things! The reason my channel name is The Swagologist is because I feel Swag is not jus fashion but a way of life and as game recognize game... Swag recognize Swag so I chose to be the Study of Swag!

His favorite video is: Trailer Reaction!: Godzilla vs. Kong Official Trailer

"This is one of my favorites because it shows a lot of my personality."

I've watched his videos before and his reactions are always a fun watch, genuine and relatable. His videos are short and straight to the point, it does not stretch for the sake of watch time. If you are a movie geek in general, this is the channel for you.

Go ahead and pay him a visit through his available social links!

Twitter: @SwagologistThe

Instagram: @swagologistth

Facebook Page: The Swagologist

#2 Old Spoon

Get to know the content creator behind the channel:

Our channel is about giving maximum information to our customers. It will help in making an informed decision to purchase our products. Through our YouTube channel we intend to show how each ingredients are procured, how it is manufactured and sold.

Their favorite video is: 4 Facts about honey & beekeeping | Honey Harvesting in India

"Watch this video to find out the 4 most frequently asked questions about Honey and Beekeeping. Learn the basics of Beekeeping in India. Watch Local beekeepers working on near the bee hive and extracting honey.

This is my favourite video. While making this video we got bitten by Honey bees 😭"

This was very informative to watch and it was really nice to get to know things that is outside of my usual knowledge. The creators are also very friendly, so sure to check them out and discover more about honey harvest!

Go ahead and pay them a visit through their available social links!

Website: Old Spoon

#3 ManWithNoWords

Get to know the man behind the channel:

My channel is about showcasing games and experiencing them like a gamer would... There are lot of gaming channels out there but most of them are commentary channels people listen to the commentary and watch the video for what that person has to say.. I am going for pure gaming experience ! Plain and simple. 🙂

Their favorite video is: Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay | Walkthrough Part 5 | The Broken Blacksmith - No Commentary (2021)

"I am playing this game on Lethal difficulty so that it feels more realistic and intense. Needless to say that this game is the most beautiful game ever created on any platform ever! So sit back, relax and enjoy the game.

Would you be interested in a Gaming video? I just started a no commentary gaming channel showcasing games for a pure gaming experience.

Ghost of Tsushima is an action-adventure stealth game played from a third-person perspective. The game features a large open world, without visible waypoints on the HUD, which can be explored with or without guidance by wind direction. We play as Jin Sakai, a samurai warrior and sole remaining member of Clan Sakai. This game takes place in the year 1274, the antagonist Khotun Khan of Mongol Empire invades Japan and lands on the island of Tsushima slaughtering everyone who dare crosses his path in conquering the island. Jin Sakai, the samurai must take back his home, his land back from the Mongol Empire and fight for his family, his people and his honor."

I started off watching all sorts of gameplays. Shouting gamers, cussing gamers, quiet gamers and just-about-right gamers. But there are times that I just want to see gameplays with no commentary at but still have a great gameplay. This is one of them! I haven't played the game myself but I heard a lot of good things about this game.

Go ahead and visit them their channel!

#4 Turtle Tracks Travels

Get to know the content creator behind the channel:

We are planning to travel around Australia. We've ordered a caravan and hopefully get it in September. Hopefully people can follow adventures.

Their favorite video is: Broadwater Boat Breakdown!! (Goldcoast/Queensland/Australia/Funny Video/Travelling Australia)

"This is our favourite video so far because it came so natural and because of the kindness of strangers it had a happy result."

There are so many channels to choose from, from vlogging at home to travel vlogging! Here is one that you gotta check out!

Go ahead and visit their channel!

#5 That Finance Girl

Get to know the content creator behind the channel:

My channel, That Finance Girl, caters to people (both men and women) who are interested in trading or investing in the stock market and want to understand complex financial terms and concepts in an easily understandable manner. The channel aims to impart financial education to its viewers with the help of easy-to-follow tutorial videos.

As of today, That Finance Girl has 7 videos and 81 subscribers.

Their favorite video is: IPO Tutorial for Beginners | IPO PROCESS Step by Step

"This video is a step-by-step guide to understanding everything about an IPO or an INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERING. The tutorial, aimed at stock market beginners, will take you through the basics of what an IPO is, all the steps involved in the IPO PROCESS, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a company going public.

What is an IPO?

IPO stands for initial public offering. An initial public offering is a process by which a privately-held company offers its shares to the general public for the VERY FIRST TIME.

Here is an interesting tidbit about my channel. I named my channel 'That Finance Girl' to draw attention to the fact that I'm a girl looking to break into the finance niche which is mainly a male dominated niche."

The finance girl has a point. Whenever I search online about business and similar niche, we often see male content creators handling the content. This time, she is about to make a difference.

Go ahead and visit them through their available social links!

Twitter: @That_Finance

#6 Riley

Get to know the content creator behind the channel:

Just vlogs and really just making fun videos.


"Magnet fishing with my son on Father’s Day In this video you will be seeing a Mercedes we have today, you’ll also see us cooking a delicious meal! Comment down below what videos you want to see and also rate our meals!

This one isn’t a very long video sorry about that but it was actually quite fun making it and was excited to share it!"

This was an interesting watch. The car was cool and the chemistry of everyone was giving off an indie Disney vibe. This has potential!

Go ahead and visit their channel now!

#7 Ken Leong Low

Get to know the content creator behind the channel:

I’m a graduated mechanical engineering who had just graduated in July 2020. I’m trying to build myself multiple passive income stream as money has always been a problem to me (family issues). My uncles were the ones who financially supported me for education. Now, I’m trying my best to earn as much money as I can to return them the favor.

Obviously, filming and cooking are my favourite things to do during my free time and I love sharing it to my friends and even to the world and YouTube is a great platform to post on. Hopefully one day my channel will make an impact to the world. My channel will mainly focusing on cooking, lifestyle vlogging, travel vlogging, personal view and probably some finance knowledge in the future.

Their favorite video is:

Original: 罪惡感滿滿的倫敦之旅。。。倫敦實在是太多美食啦!|London Day Trip (Part 2) | Travel Vlog

English: Guilty trip to London… London has too many good food!|London Day Trip (Part 2) | Travel Vlog

"There is actually a part 1 of it, you can watch you if you want, but I’m going with this cause the editing gets better and more elements are in part 2.

This is my favourite video because it gives people idea of where to visit in London and also shows the ups and downs of the journey in London with my friends which was fun to watch. It is also my latest video which means it is the best video from my channel as I’m still learning and growing to be a youtuber. I’ll keep learning and improving to make better videos in my YouTuber creator journey."

I love this video! Although it made me hungry the entire time I am watching it without food in my table. This is definitely worth the watch! And of course, part 2 as well!

Go ahead and visit them through their available social links!

Facebook page: Ken Leong Low

Instagram: @kenleong97

twitter: @KenLeongLow

#8 Jeng's Review Corner

Get to know the content creator behind the channel:

I do review videos of anything whether items that can be bought online or anywhere, places, destinations, food, etc. People can also request what items they want me to review and I will give an honest feedback to it.

Their favorite video is: Best Summer Destination 2021 Camaya Coast Mariveles Bataan Review | Jeng's Review Corner

"Here you go.. this is one of my fave. Vid in my channel.. if you're going here in Philippines this is one of the best beach place to go. 😉😊 In this video, I did ride a ferry to go to the actual place that is located in Mariveles Bataan, Philippines. The place is so relaxing and it has a peaceful and calm scenery that is perfect for lovers, family or friends for a quick getaway that is not far from the city."

WARNING! He spoke in Filipino in this video. There are no subtitles/captions.

He did a pretty good job in this video although somehow the targeted audience may be limited due to language barrier.

Go ahead and visit their channel now!

#9 Bo Gaming

Get to know the content creator behind the channel:

This is what I think they are about; Gaming group playing fun games together. They are in the learning process but hey, it all starts there, right?

Their favorite video is: Escape From Tarkov - Battle of the SUN

"This one is my favorite cause it's the last video I made with my husband and his friends before they went back to their summer farm work 😁

The game is called Escape from Tarkov - What was once a bustling city, is now roamed by rivalling scavenger gangs, former private military forces, and black ops units. Between them all, there's you, your stash, and the escape back to the free world from the depths of Tarkov. - You were basically a prisoner and your trying to excape back to the free world with everyone being against you.

We've been running with teams for the last few months and there is no map or compass, except the maps you find online on the website, and that's where I usually come in, BOTTOM RIGHT, I was the MAP person with my team mates telling them which exit to take and where we spawned. Todd is not shown in a square, you can only see his character on others screens, and GrizzlyDad91 is my husband and I think he usually stays top right screen for the video though too), BladedSMile420 is TOP LEFT once the battle starts, and Inhabitz has THE SUN and is on BOTTOM LEFT during the battle - In this video though we discovered you can hook up like 12 flashlights to this one gun we named THE SUN and it blinds people like an on coming train, it was just super funny how bright it was and took people off guard, this video was basically showing off how it was put together, and what it looked like in field.

We recorded in discord and sometimes you can see my teammates names on the left. Inhabitz has THE SUN and these clips are from multiple different times we streamed on discord so the screens don't stay in the same spot the whole time I realized. But basically We made this gun with a whole lot of flashlight attachments and just having too much fun with this. we all have twitch accounts if you would list them that would be amazing!"

I always enjoyed it when I watch friends playing together. This has the same vibe to it. It is chaotic, everyone is talking and laughing but that is what makes it a friends-gaming theme.

Go ahead and visit them through their available social links!

#10 Fuzzee Tutorials

Get to know the content creator behind the channel:

This is what I think the channel is about: A channel for your tutorial needs!

Their favorite video is: Video inside text DaVinci Resolve 17.2

"This my latest, I like it because I'm getting better at doing videos in Ultra Wide screen format, this one's only 10 minutes. The video shows how to play a video clip inside of text and zoom into full screen. I have socials as well."

So much to learn using DaVinci Resolve. Well good news, this guy has a channel of tutorial videos for your needs! He is very patient and you will definitely learn!

Go ahead and visit them through their available social links!

Facebook: Fuzzee Tutorials

Instagram: @fuzzeedee

Twitter: @fuzzeedee

Website: Fuzeedee

#11 Skorpi

Get to know the content creator behind the channel:

Hey, my name is Skorpi I play horror games in my channel and hoping that I can start streaming casual games like Minecraft and cod soon. On my channel I play indie horror games by small developers that I find on a website called and I recently just finished filming Outlast 1 and the DLC, excited to play the second game in the series! I just bought a capture card and some PC parts thanks to a few donations so I can start streaming and doing more collabs with my friends and supporters!

Their favorite video is: ITCHIO'S SCARIEST GAME | DOOMED Full Playthrough

"This is one of my favourites on my channel. Not sure why, probably as it was my favourite game I’ve found so far. Just the right amount of jump scares!

Since moving to gaming I’ve found it’s much more competitive than other niches. I jumped around with what type of videos I wanted to do for around a year. I changed from ASMR videos to vlogs and commentary until I found gaming was the right niche for me, even though it’s a very competitive niche."

Why not discover gamergirls out there who plays indie games? Indie games are a gem you are yet to discover. If you join Skorpi in her journey, you might find and discover games that you like.

Go ahead and visit them through their available social links!

Twitter: @_SkorpiYT

#12 Smashy VR

Get to know the content creator behind the channel:

Hi I'm Smashy VR 😁👍, my channel is mainly VR oriented but if I do find a game I want to play I'll stray to play it and sometimes for collaborations. I try to interpret my own kind of comedy into my VR videos, all of it is improvised I never know what's going to happen or what I'm going to say or do in any given video and for the future of my channel I'm hoping to do more collaborations with other content creators and I'm currently planning a collab with my brother KieronMac Vr 😁.

Their favorite video is: Taking Down Mr Squishy || Five Nights at Freddy's VR

"This video is my favourite because it's very creepy and takes me completely out of my comfort zone making everything you see on the video 100% me 😁👍."

This is an interesting idea for a content, it is unique! Don't miss out on the new uploads by Smashy because you gotta love creativity!

Go ahead and visit them through their available social links!

Facebook Group: Smashy VR

#13 HotLettuceTV

Get to know the content creator behind the channel:

Hiyo! My name is Christain, but some people call me Lettuce! I am an indie game focused YouTube channel playing everything from goofy games, to rage games, to horror and whatever I can find in between. I live for the obscure designs of these games and enjoy just seeing what a creative mind can think up!

If you like lots of silly edits, even more silly commentary, and indie games, I am your channel!

Their favorite video is: Janitor BLEEDS!

"This is one of my favorite videos I have ever made (my most favorite is 20 minutes and 33 seconds so I went for this one instead!)

This one is one of my favorites for a few reasons!

I had an absolute blast editing this and I think it shows in the playfulness of it, I also really felt good about my commentary itself here!

I also just thought this game was SUPER unique and cool and part of the point of my channel is to showcase oddball indie titles as well as do something creative and fun with video games! I would say this video captures all of it!"

I watched a couple of videos from Lettuce before and you will never get bored while watching because side comments drop here and there and you can never get enough of humor. I laugh a lot and I really enjoy his videos. No better way to spend the day than to watch ya boi lettuce! So many potential!

Go ahead and visit them through their available social links!

#14 Dark Kingboy

Get to know the content creator behind the channel:

The channel is more focused on gaming with a dude that sounds like he had way too much energy drinks according to some of the comments he gets on his videos 😂. He also has a little helper/ assistant named Felicia that shows up in his gaming videos from time to time. She is a little witch/mage with a red dress and and a witch looking hat. Her personality can be described as; being sassy. being a little mischievous. We are focused on gaming around here. You will find horror games such as Resident Evil. The Evil within 1 and 2 the list goes on and on with the horror stuff And way more non-horror game action stuff. such as Batman the Arkham games. Mortal Kombat. Spiderman PS4, Infamous Second Son. and the list goes on.

Their favorite video is: What The .... is that ERIE Horror Game Ending

"Hello Everyone my name is Dark Kingboy. This was one of my favorite videos cuz back in the days when I played this game I screamed like a champion even my mom ask me that I was ok. So you can say that its payback/ revisiting my fears of this creepy monster dude. face the fears Lets go!! I also had a blast playing and editing this one as well."

DK does not joke! he really is a guy who is so full of energy and you never know how many cups of coffee he drinks before playing a game! I personally watched his videos before, whether it was a stream or not, you are not going to fall asleep because he won't let you. You will have fun.

Go ahead and visit their channel now!

#15 GamerGirl Jessi

Get to know the content creator behind the channel:

Hi I am Jessi. I am an aspiring voice artist who decided to play games while practicing her voice acting skills. You will see voice impressions in-game or separate video from time to time. I support indie game developers by reviewing their games for improvement, then I do Let's Plays with commentary and Game Reviews (Before You Play series), there is also a new series called Games to Wishlist (for 20xx). See if you find games you like. I also have art, manga, music and other vlog-related content mixed in and some stuff about me.

Their favorite video is:

I love this video because despite of how cringey it is to watch this again, people actually loved this video and I am grateful. I tried to do a Joe Goldberg impression here while stalking the You cast (season 1 and 2). And as far as the love for this video went, there is now a stalking series!

There are no other words I can say to this shameless promoting lol.

Go ahead and visit them through their available social links!

Twitter: @jessitayylor

Instagram: @_jessitayylor

Buy Me a Coffee: Jessi Tayylor

Facebook Page: Floppi Pages

Website: Floppi Pages

Hope you found the channel that you love! Go ahead and see which of them you want to unravel as a potential content creator! Be part of their community and be part of their journey by subscribing to the channels you love and enjoy!

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