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6 WEBTOON before 2020 worth reading

In this digital age, there are so many ways for artists to publish their work, so many platforms that showcases comics, mangas, manhwas altogether. One of the best and infamous apps out there is no other than WEBTOON!

WEBTOON is an online publishing platform for artists to upload their works of all kinds. This is like your Netflix app but only it's for reading materials.

Now I have been reading in this app for years and even uploaded a yonkoma as test for myself how awesome the platform is. But this blog is not to discuss how easy to use the app is, we are going to talk about 6 Webtoons released and has ended before 2020. I am yet to discover more but see this list if you are looking for something that is not released a year ago or so.

Note: There may be spoilers for the introduction of some characters.

Disclaimer: We do not own the images used in this blog.


It was first released on September 25, 2014 and the series ended on November 26, 2015. To sum this up, the story's theme is a zombie apocalypse but what I love about this series is that, it looked at the apocalypse in a really different perspective. This is a horror, thriller and mystery all at the same time. The ending surprised me and I gotta say I love some side characters and I am happy with how my favorite characters received their ending.

If you are familiar with the Korean movie #Alive it has a rather coincidental similar concept with Dead Days, focusing on a geek male survivor who was saved by the girl from the other building.

Our main protagonist, Jingook Yeo, our deuteragonist, Hwayeon Lee, our antagonist Bindo Kwak and our secondary antagonist, Miji Lee, are the most memorable characters for me.

Jingook had a really good character development but I want to talk about Hwayeon, because her character is a bundle of originality, from her first debut to her character reveal, I loved her character! She is a young woman who is skilled in archery but due to unfortunate events, she had lost her ability to use her legs and is now using a wheelchair to move. Regardless of her disability, it is surprising how she managed to save our boy, Jingook a few times or so.

The author of the series is DEY.

There are a total of 45 episodes plus the Afterword available for you to read and here is the good news, there is no need for daily pass or coins to read it, it is available for free!


It was first released on July 1, 2014 and ended on December 3, 2018. Wow, four years of running time? Yes, well, this is a really long series. It is an apocalypse but instead of zombies we have human-sized bugs and insects. As cringey as it sounds, the journey of our main lead and his team was really interesting.

Ready for some action? This is full of action, but also contains gore and disgusting green stuff. There are ships here and there but that is not the main focus of this series.

The story revolves around Eun-Sung Lee, who was at work when suddenly the bugs had arrived and began to take people to their lair. He started off a really bland character with the goal to find his wife and daughter amidst the apocalypse. He saves Ji-Eun Seong or better known as Ms. Seong throughout the series. I won't mention the antagonist's name, I hated him to the point that I don't even know his name. Later on another characters enters the group, simply known as the Old Man. He is the most loved character in the series as far as I can tell from the comments I read. Our MC would have died long time ago without him. The other characters I want to special-mention is the girl who keeps their supplies (I forgot her name), Corporal Jeong, Min-Young Lee (wife of Eun-Sung) and Hyejin Lee (daughter of Eun-Sung).

What I love about this series is that the diverse characters introduced every arc just makes the story exciting! It either makes me love the new characters or our main lead.

The author of the series is Kyusam Kim. In his profile he shares that he is born in '75 and he really likes dumplings.

There are a total of 242 episodes for this series plus episode 0. There are 3 seasons and I am now at the third season. I couldn't finish this series because the sad news is that starting episode 17, the daily pass begins. I use the Free Episode that is available every 10:00 for my timezone. That is 1 free episode once a day.

I can't log in everyday to check and read, so it's taking me longer to finish this series. Of course, WEBTOON is encouraging you to buy coins to support the creators.


The first episode was released on July 1, 2017 and the last episode on October 23, 2018. This is an unfinished series, because the artist, Sophism, had to focus on a series she is drawing with another artist, I am sure some of you are at least familiar with Purple Hyacinth. That is how I came across Lyfe.

The world is very advanced, like RWBY kind of technology, and our main antagonist has a past that he has to unravel. The main character, Andrew, was first introduced as a lady killer in the series and has been constantly rejecting confessions. And here comes a girl who—you could guess—does not like him the way the prop-girls does. Her name is Grace Riverhood. I forgot if this is high school or college but they go to school and they happen to pair up for a project so they could bond.

Now the story comes around really slow, and it takes maybe 7-11 episodes before I actually fell for the story. The lady killer thing did not matter much as we progressed because we are focused on the mystery surrounding Andrew's past, his father's parting gift and Grace's life.

This is a mix of Romance, Mystery and Sci-Fi.

The author of the series is Sophism. I like her guys, I really do and she interacts with her readers, which is one of the things I love about artists.

There are 31 episodes available to read. There is also a Notice from the author regarding the series' status. The good news here is that all episodes are available to read for free! Binge-read them all!

4. Oh! Holy

It was first released on October 17, 2016 and ended in June 10, 2019. Oh what's this, it's been running for three years! You can tell by now that this is a long series. It has a strong premise and really good episodes that kept me on the hook.

Genre: School, Supernatural, Romance

Our two main characters, Jamie and Holy are really great characters. Jamie here is a nobody at school and has a crush on the famous girl in school, Holy, who surprisingly also has a crush on him in return. By some accident, that I will not specify, Holy dies. And that's where the story really begins.

The author of the series is Ahyun.

There are a total of 140 episodes with an Epilogue that is available for free. That's right, this is a Daily Pass series. After episode 9, you either buy coins, win coins from events or unlock 1 episode a day to be able to read for free. I was not able to finish it because I couldn't commit to reading it because of the daily pass but this is a series worth a chance to check.

5. Matchmaker Hero

The first episode was released on March 25, 2019 and the final episode on September 30, 2019. It's a series of only 26 episodes and while the story was not very appealing to me, I love the characters and the whole vibe it gives off, like everything is an exaggerated version of a sitcom with aliens and powers put together.

Our main lead, Richie, was everything you can say is average and simple but his life changes when he meets Elle and he learns about his past and what he really is. Now his life has gotten interesting and well, above average. It's short and sweet, and really ridiculous at the same time, but I can say it's worth a read.

The author of the series is Madeline Ince. I don't have any news if she plans on drawing for the second season because the first one sure is a cliffhanger for me.

6. The Stranding Fields

And lastly, we have Stranding Fields.

Now this series is not very famous and the chapters are really short. Which I understand because drawing is a really long process and the coloring, the outlining, the shading, the planning, the plotting, everything is time-consuming. And for a series the author is investing in, it lacked the support it needs to keep going (or at least as I assume is the deal that's why it is also an unfinished series).

It was released on June 2, 2019 and the latest episode on December 1, 2019. There are 25 episodes available but if you combine them, it is only a total of 6 chapters. Like I said, this is a short one.

I almost forgot the plot of the story but basically it centers on the main lead, Sora, as she moved to a new school because she has issues with her temper or her personality (not sure, I forgot lol). What I love about the series is the art and where the premise was going. It has potential.

The author of this series is Van Der Teal.

There is not much that I know about the author but he/she shared some socials on their profile. Check out their Instagram and Twitter account! There are no new posts since 2019, but go ahead and check anyways.

Instagram and Twitter: @van_derteal

Now that you have this list, see if you like anything and start reading!


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