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13 Best Moments of Grace Day | Travelers

13 Best Moments of Grace Day (Traveler 0027)

A short introduction to who Grace is.

Grace Day / Traveler 0027 was portrayed by Jennifer Spence. She is a proud, blunt and rude high-ranking programmer who came from the future.

This character has flaws and she is not a people-person, but the way Jennifer delivered this role, there is no other actress that I want to see as Grace Day but Jennifer Spence. If there is a reboot or a Season 4, they better cast her!

I compiled a list of Grace’s top 13 best moments in Travelers (from Season 1 to 3).


13 - Grace Day, FBI Specialist

Ever since Grace had arrived to the 21st century, there was no going back to the future. She needs to live as Grace Day (Protocol 5). Grace does not have a team like everyone else does, so there won’t be much missions for her. There are only exemptions for her like this episode.

(Season 3, Episode 5 “Naomi”)

In this episode, a child went messenger (used as a host by an AI) to stop a possible explosion in their field trip. Unfortunately after it has fulfilled its duty, the AI went rogue and will not leave the child. Travelers then called for help in their back servers (I forgot what they call it, it is like a secret place to contact fellow Travelers in the 21st) asking for a Programmer. MacLaren and his team has Grace Day, the Programmer.

Grace-related scenes I love in this episode:

MacLaren was asking Philip to create a fake ID for Grace before they visit the child in need of help.

"Grace Day, FBI Specialist in... Social Inappropriate Behavior." - Philip

When MacLaren, Carly and Grace got out of the car and on their way to the house.

Grace: For the record I take offense to your instructions.

Carly: Which part?

Grace: "Try not to speak"!

MacLaren: Submit your objection to the Director in a few hundred years.

All of the Grace scenes in this episode is a winner. The way she talks to the parents or to the man exorcising the child, it's all priceless.

12 - Meet Grace

We've already met Grace Day since episode 3 "Aleksander" but the real winner, Traveler 0027 first appeared in Season 1, Episode 11 "Marcy". The entire episode has a lot of Grace scenes in it and we got to know more of her personality in just a single episode compared to the rest of the characters who had more episodes in the show but never got our attention the way Grace did.

We learned in this episode that not only was she part of the programming group but she was also the leader with the social media research for host candidates for Travelers. She mentioned that because of their early successes with the previous candidates, they became overconfident with their analysis that she picked a damaged host for Traveler 3569.

In this episode, I chose the dinner scene (even if her arrival was already a good one).

Grace one-liners I love in this episode:

This one I think is just cute how she and Ellis appreciates the food (since it's their first arrival to the 21st).

Grace: What's this one again? Trevor: Carrot.

Grace: Carrot...

Trevor: This is spaghetti squash.

Ellis: My host has a refrigerator full of something called 'bacon', when I realized what it was, I cried for a good five minutes.

I have never seen Grace apologize to anyone before, unless I missed it.

Grace: Where was I? Carly: You were saying how you got Marcy's life wrong.

Grace: *casually* Oh right. I can't tell you how much I regret that Marcy.

Grace: The human mind is full of useless things, you won't even be able to tell the difference.

Grace: By any definition, she will be Marcy, just not... this one.

11- Grace's Plan to save Trevor

A lot of titles in this show is composed of names really. In Season 3, Episode 7 "Trevor". Trevor's fatal brain disorder is manifesting more frequently, and because he will be unable to help the team this way, Trevor made a choice to be overwritten so the team will get a new teammate. The team won't allow this of course. They've been through a lot together and if they saved Marcy, they can save him too. And most of all, Grace will NOT allow him to be overwritten.

I still do not understand the kind of chemistry she and Trevor have. I know it's clear Trevor is not interested in romance and Grace is a predator openly conveying what she feels and wants.

This is the second time that Grace has helped/saved a member of MacLaren's team. I know it's for comedic effect that they don't let her in the team, but after this she has earned to be officially part of the team, right? Everyone spent the night to record the data but Grace did a lot (if not most of the work) to make sure they save Trevor so I think this deserves to be in the list.

10- This is getting exciting

This one I am not sure if I got the episode right for this one. But I think this is from Season 3, Episode 4 "Perrow".

I remember the team were investing about Traveler 001 and found leads to believe that he is still alive and is now using his former doctor, Dr. Perrow as his new host. This was a really cute scene. Although some or a lot of people found it rude, I find it a comedic relief in this episode.

You see, almost every character in this show is really serious. David and Grace are the two sunshines in any episode they appear in. With David, he makes you go "awww" and with Grace, she makes you go "hahaha".

Back to topic, after the team connected the dots and were ready to drive away, Grace had to speak up and be noticed.

"I have to admit this is getting exciting." - Grace

We can see the excitement in her face from the photo above. And seconds later, MacLaren and Marcy exchanged looks. And they drop Grace off the car (it was hinted they probably told her to use Uber to go home) but she yells.

"There's no Uber out here!" - Grace

We need moments like these.

9- Grace is trying but she's really bored

I don't know or remember which episode this is or if it is the from same episode or different episodes because as far as I can remember these are from two different clips.

Context for the following lines is that, Grace is trying to fit into the 21st century as Grace Day but apparently, living a normal life as a high school guidance counselor is too boring for her.

Grace one-liners I love in this episode:

Grace: We need to talk.

Trevor: Hello Ms. Day.

Grace: When is the last time you heard from the Director?

Trevor: The... school board director?

Grace: What are you talking about? Hey you're worried about them? *gestures at the students in the table* Please! There's literally nothing going on inside their tiny brains!

Trevor: What do you want?

Grace: Have. You. Heard. From. The. Director?

Trevor: We've had missions.

Grace: Why haven't I heard anything?

Trevor: I don't know maybe because you jumped here without permission and maybe because you don't have a team.

Grace: Maybe I can join your team. I can be your computer expert.

Trevor: Nah, we already have a computer expert.

Grace: I can be your vastly more capable computer expert.

Trevor: It doesn't work like that.

Grace: Well it should, I'm getting bored!

Grace: Good morning Trevor! How are your grades? Have you narrowed down the list of colleges yet? What can I do to better help you succeed? *smiles then whispers* I read my employee manual and I am ready to guide the ---- out of these pubescent brats.

8- Grace knows where she stands

In Season 2, Episode 8 "Traveler 0027"

Grace is put under trial for illegally traveling to the 21st century and violating Traveler protocols.

In this episode Grace is unfazed by the accusations by her fellow Travelers and felt no guilt whatsoever, she does not apologize, she does not beg, she does not plead anything. She believes in her cause and despite how heartless she seems, her actions may still be out of concern to saving the population.

This woman warms up to Trevor because Trevor is patient enough to mingle with her. I think she just needs to spend more time with the team to develop further.

Grace memorable quotes in this episode:

Grace: Like my very dear friend just pointed out. If I hadn't reset the Director none of you would be here right now. The Director would be gone, the Faction would have won and billions of people would be dead from a horrible plague SO... you're welcome!

7- Grace and Trevor's private friendship conversations

I chose 3 scenes concerning this friendship that they have.

There are only two living beings that Grace actually cares about (as far as I've noticed). And that is Trevor and the Director. We'll focus on her and Trevor. Their first meeting was when Trevor tried to save Grace Day from dying but was still overwritten by Traveler 0027. Since then, Grace goes to Trevor when she's bored.

There has been this running "private conversation" moments that Grace and Trevor has been having throughout season 3. Let's start with.

Season 3, Episode 1 "Ilsa"

In Season 2's finale, the kidnapped loved ones of MacLaren's team were released. Grace was kidnapped which she took as a message that she is someone important to Trevor. Now, she is urging Trevor to admit his feelings for her. Trevor never budged and he said that he was happy that it was Grace kidnapped instead of his host's parents, to which Grace did not care and believes that they had a spark.

Grace memorable quotes in this episode:

Grace: Go for a walk.

MacLaren: We just did.

Grace: Then go for another walk because we are having a private conversation.

Grace: We were talking about your feelings.

Trevor: You were talking about my feelings.

Grace: Logic is inescapable. 001 kidnapped every significant other on your team.

Grace: Look Trev,

Trevor: "Trev"? Grace: I was taken by 001, held against my will and frankly starved. We're only given water for what seemed like days--

Trevor: --31 hours

Grace: --because of the inevitable impact it was going to have on you emotionally. I'm important to you in a way neither one of us foresaw and the sooner we both accept that.

Season 3 Episode 5 "Naomi"

This one I am not sure that this is the correct episode.

But in here, Grace and MacLaren's team had to find a way to fix Trevor so he does not get to be overwritten. He and the Director had an agreement already.

Grace memorable quotes in this episode:

Trevor: Grace?

Grace: It's about time you woke up, I'm starving. He's alive!

Marcy: Yeah I told you he'd be fine, he just needed some sleep.

Grace: Well he's boring asleep!

Grace: Well I guess I should... leave too. Unless you want me to stay? I mean, I did save your life, you're probably grateful.

Trevor: You should go. BUT but before you do... the Director gave me a message to give to you.

Grace: What? How?

Trevor: I don't know, I know I just did. I'm supposed to pass it on.

Grace: Well what did it say? Trevor: It wasn't words.

Grace: Uh, I think he may have brain damage!

Trevor: No no no, I think it was this. *hugs Grace*

Grace: This was the message?

Season 3 Episode 7 "Trevor"

As discussed before, this episode is where Trevor has decided to be overwritten and before this happens, he wants to say goodbye to Grace. To which she mistakes as a date. Putting a blind eye on Grace's aggressive attempts to be with Trevor, this was a one of their scenes together.

6- Hospital Buddies

(Not sure if this is the correct episode) but in Season 2, Episode 2 "Protocol 4", Grace and Trevor were both hospitalized after being shot (which I will discuss later). They had more moments together since it's not like any of them had nowhere to go.

Grace receives advanced medical nanites so she would heal and she shared it with Trevor so he would heal as well, reducing the healing speed of her own well-being. There are three scenes that I want to point out here. When Grace shared her nanites with Trevor. Trevor ought to say that a lot since then.

"Thank you for saving me, Grace." - Trevor

When Trevor was talking to the doctor who thought Trevor has a hope to walk again.

Grace: Hope? There are medical nanites designed in the future swimming through your spinal fluid that I programmed personally repairing the damage, there was never any doubt.

Trevor: Well I wanted him to feel good about the job that they did.

Grace: Well I want them to bring breakfast. They're half an hour late and I'm starving!

Trevor: Thank you for saving me Grace.

Grace: You already said that.

And lastly, the scene after Rene's visit.

Grace: I almost pressed the call button because I thought I was gonna throw up my lunch.

Trevor: She was very young.

Grace: And you are very old.

Trevor: How are you feeling? Grace: Like I can walk outta here. I just have to fake it for a while or they'll think I am a medical miracle.

5- Who's Grace?

Not sure if they were kidnapped this episode or the episode before this.

Season 2, Episode 12 "001" kidnaps the significant loved one of each team member of MacLaren's team. So we could say that every single person is not part of the Traveler program except one. Kat was kidnapped against MacLaren, Jeff was kidnapped against Carly, David was kidnapped against Marcy, Ray was kidnapped against Philip and lastly Grace was kidnapped against Trevor. Not Trevor's parents, not Rene but Grace.

Every time the five shows up on-screen, it was already a laugh-trip-scene. David was trying to be calm and figure out what was going on, Ray and Jeff were more of the aggressive type who wants out of there, Kat was probably the most confused of them all and Grace was citing scientific explanation to what was going on.

There is a lot to quote so I will not write it here. I hope the screenshot speaks for itself.

4- 0027's interrogation

There is no explanation needed here. If you want to resist interrogation and fight a therapist, just repeat the questions with emphasis. One of the best interrogation scenes other than Trevor's and David's.

Dr. Perrow: When are you from?

Grace: When are you from?

Dr. Perrow: What is your mission? Grace: What is your mission?

3- Guidance Counselor best moment

In Season 1, Episode 12 "Grace". We have a scene here where Grace is fulfilling her duties as a high school guidance counselor.

It was an entertaining little clip where the kind-spoken guidance counselor suddenly turned blunt and does not treat the bullied student with compassionate. She does not think the student was fragile or that she needed protection, what Grace thinks she needed was to establish dominance. It made sense of course, but it's really one of her best moments as a high school guidance counselor.

I would like to save the quotes and instead encourage you to watch it. Otherwise I would be transcripting the entire clip.

2- Hang in there, Grace

In Season 2, Episode 8 "Traveler 0027". Grace was put under trial. I already mentioned this.

Even if the entire Traveler court and the team was against Grace and believed she was in the wrong, Trevor did not give up on her and was there to comfort her, even giving her some food. There is probably mixed feelings and a divided mind on "I ship them together" and "No I don't ship them". I am in the boat of "No I don't ship them" because it does not mean that they have scenes like this, that they have chemistry that it seems right to pair them together romantically.

Grace may have shown she wants to be with Trevor but Trevor showed no reciprocation of feelings. He remained casual and never admitted or confessed anything. He could be just being nice or friendly because he is the most mature of them all. This is one of their best moments together. Trevor has done a lot for her just as Grace will do a lot for him in return.

No quotes because the entire clip is too awesome to be converted into transcript.

1- Grace protects Trevor

And lastly, in Season 1, Episode 12 "Grace", the first time that Grace has done something selfless. This egoistic programmer actually has a side that really cares for other human beings. This was prior to all of her bonding moments with Trevor (other than their first meeting) yet she was willing to put herself in the frontlines and protect him from a shotgun bullet.

This is one of Grace's moments that we would not expect and probably one moment where she did not have to say any remark or drop sarcasm on the table. This was just pure act of selflessness to protect a fellow Traveler.

She has potential to be a developed character. Perhaps in Season 4 (if there would be one), she could be now officially part of the team as their vastly more capable computer expert.

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