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Nat Gibbard as "Professor Williams" Interview | My Sister's Friends Next Door

My Sister's Friends Next Door:

Skye Mcintyre moves to her stepsister's apartment to spend time with her sister and at the same time be comfortable with being near the university she's enrolled in. On her time there, she meets her sisters group of friends and eventually spends time with them as they guide her go through college life.

About My Sister's Friends Next Door

Is the debut web series of Jessi Tayylor. It started out as a college draft and now it has come to life. The pilot episode was a bit messy but there are always improvements in every new episode release.

Let us get to know the man behind Professor William's voice!

Gibbard plays the role of Professor Williams who debuted in Episode 2 as Skye's English professor. He will be appearing as a side character to give Skye and her classmates a series of tasks to do and to make Skye's college experience an unforgettable one.

Jessi: Tell us more about yourself.

Nat: My name is Nat Gibbard. I am a 33 year old male actor from Northampton, UK. I started acting in 2012, and since that time I have been in 14 films and 19 plays, as well as a variety of voice-over roles.

Jessi: When did you start your journey in being a voice artist?

Nat: My journey as a voice artist began in 2017. I performed in my friend's radio play, titled: 'Black Friday 1745', playing an Irish general in a radio play about the Jacobite insurgence.

Jessi: Have you always thought about being a voice artist, like a childhood dream, discovered along the way or just recently?

Nat: My main desire would be to be a film actor, but I am very open to voice roles. I see it as part of the overall 'acting portfolio'.

Jessi: Did you take any workshop, classes, lessons or programs?

Nat: No, I have not taken any workshops, classes, lessons or programs as of yet.

Jessi: /Do you want voice acting to be your full-time job?

Nat: I would like voice acting to be part of my full time-career. Acting.

Jessi: Were you inspired by someone?

Nat: No.

Jessi: Who is your favorite voice artist? Did he/she inspire you to be better or to be a voice artist?

Nat: I don't have one.

Jessi: What characters do you usually apply for and why?

Nat: Villain roles, because they are the most fun to play and you have more to get your teeth into.

Jessi: Do you get the role you applied for or do you receive a different character from the one you applied to?

Nat: It varies, audition to audition. But usually, the role that I applied for.

Jessi: How do you prepare for an audition? Background, props, practice?

Nat: I research characters (if there is a real-life example), and I work at practicing my intonation and go over the lines again and again.

Jessi: Any favorite projects you've had before? Can you tell us more about it?

Nat: My favourite film role was a short film called 'The Test'. I played the father of a woman accused of murder. My character pleads with the attorney and generally goes through a range of emotions throughout the film. My favourite play was one I performed in 2019 entitled 'WhiteChapel Murders', I played 2 roles, a forensic scientist and an eccentric brain specialist. It was a lot of fun performing both roles. My favourite voice acting role was a series of podcasts I did for a group called Hive Radio, that was based on the fictional community of a particular close in N. England. I played a self-obsessed person that was constantly worried what his neighbours thought of him.

Jessi: How do you practice the script? Do you practice before recording?

Nat: Yes, I try and go through the script as many times as possible, just to work out any nuances and to ensure I am using the right inflections.

What about you? Do you have any questions for Nat? Drop them in the comments below!

🎭 Nat Gibbard 🎭

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