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Lauren Michelle Long as "Skye Mcintyre" Interview | My Sister's Friends Next Door

My Sister's Friends Next Door:

Skye Mcintyre moves to her stepsister's apartment to spend time with her sister and at the same time be comfortable with being near the university she's enrolled in. On her time there, she meets her sisters group of friends and eventually spends time with them as they guide her go through college life.

About My Sister's Friends Next Door

Is the debut web series of Jessi Tayylor. It started out as a college draft and now it has come to life. The pilot episode was a bit messy but there are always improvements in every new episode release.

Let us get to know the woman behind Skye's voice!

Jessi: Tell us more about yourself, like an introduction of who you are.

Lauren: My name is Lauren Michelle Long, I’m a non-union actor in film, theatre, and of course voice over.

Jessi: When did you start your journey in being a voice artist?

Lauren: Well, my mom suggested I take theatre camps and lessons to work on my confidence in front (of) an audience as well as acting. As I got older, in high school, my impressions and imitations made family and friends laugh and acting as a different character just stuck with me. 'Til this day, I’m still acting and getting creative with my voice overs whether I’m actually recording or rehearsing.

Jessi: Have you always thought about being a voice artist, like a childhood dream, discovered along the way or just recently?

Lauren: Being that typical kid who always watched cartoons 24/7, I knew this is what I wanted to do!

Jessi: Have you had a first project before? Can you tell us more about your experience and the project?

Lauren: My first voice over experience was in college, and we had to read some PSA scripts (public safety announcement) for a local radio station which was really cool to be in an actual studio recording. I can’t remember but I believe mine was about learning disability issues.

Jessi: How does it feel to hear your voice after watching the final product of the project? Cringe? Proud?

Lauren: At first I ask myself, “Do I really sound like that?” Lol. But in all honesty, I always feel great about my work once it’s finally recorded. I always practice my lines before recording by rehearsing and warming up my voice.

Jessi: Were you inspired by someone?

Lauren: Tara Strong is my favorite voice actress and I absolutely idolize her so much! My goal is to be her replacement after her retirement.

(Tara Strong voiced many memorable childhood cartoons like The Care Bears, The Fairly OddParents, Rugrats, , Danny Phantom, Teen Titans, The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10 and many more!)

Jessi: What accents, dialects can you do?

Lauren: There’s a couple accents I can do such as southern, British/cockney, Italian, Bostonian, and Mexican-Spanish (accent and dialect).

Jessi: Can you do other language?

Lauren: Just Mexican-Spanish

Jessi: Do you review, analyze or judge voice acting work when you watch animated/cartoon movies?

Lauren: I used to do it while I was taking voice acting classes, they gave us a cool chart where you can rate them on their tone, pitch, and volume and all that to help you understand how to get into your character.

Jessi: Do you get the role you applied for or do you receive a different character from the one you applied to?

Lauren: It’s a little bit of both. If I auditioned for the role I want, I book it or don’t book it at all. (That’s show business baby!) Or if I auditioned for multiple roles, I either book one of those roles or I get cast as a completely different role I didn’t audition for and just have fun with it.

Jessi: How do you prepare for an audition? Background, props, practice?

Lauren: I use my home studio to test my volume and tone of the script. I will listen to each take and critique myself on what to work on or try differently.

Jessi: How do you practice the script? Do you practice before recording?

Lauren: Of course I do! I read the script a couple times to understand what’s going on, then add in some emotions to it to see if the story will read to my audience. It’s almost the same as rehearsing a scene for an audition.

What about you? Do you have any questions for Lauren? Drop them in the comments below!

🎭 Lauren Michelle Long 🎭

TWITTER: @itslowie

INSTAGRAM: @itslowie

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