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Omega Gaming XL | Meeting this YouTuber

Welcome to a new series in Floppi Pages called Meeting this YouTuber. Here you get to meet rising content creators, kickstarting content creators, constantly stable content creators, and all other kinds of content creators in the YouTube world.

This series is for you to discover other people out there who have great content and you just don't know it because they have low number of subscribers. Let's discover these talented content creators, shall we?

Today's content creator is;

Omega Gaming XL

Due to difference in timezone, we only conducted a chat-interview with Q.

He has two channels, and this is the second channel. We will discuss and focus on this one and have a separate blog for his first channel.


Jessi: What is the name of your channel?

Q: ❝My 2nd channel is called Omega Gaming XL. That is more of a team channel I do with a couple friends.

Jessi: Tell us about your channel.

Q: ❝For OGXL I started that with 2 friends mainly because I feel like it's more entertaining when we all play together, and so we can do this edit where each video the audience can see all our perspectives at different times. I don't think that's done often in gaming channels so I think it's pretty unique.

I have also decided to do something I don't think is done a lot in gaming either with the channel. We are going to be trying to create like a tv show playing some of these games. So say the videos Red vs. Blue I'm inspired by that and I wanna try my hand at doing this. We are not professional actors but we are gonna do our best. We are gonna make a script for some games and for others we are gonna improv. I think it is also a very unique idea and once we get comfortable with it I think it will be very successful. I just need to take a comedy class because I don't consider myself funny so trying to put in funny moments will be a challenge for me.

Jessi: Both channels are gaming, why did you have to separate? I mean, I saw that it's with friends and that there's this plan to make improv (I know Red vs Blue haha). Is there like a deeper meaning or just separating them?

Q: ❝There's 2 reasons why we separated the channels. The first is because with the editing style we are doing I think it's better to have it it's own separate channel. So for example we currently have 4 videos on the channel, 1 podcast and 3 gaming, and the games we have on there is Knockout City, Valheim, and Dead Frontier 2. In each of these videos there are times when my character's perspective is being shown but in an instant it could change to one of the other 2's perspective. While yes we could still put it on our channel but I felt it deserved it's own channel. And the last reason is because some of the games are games that I don't want to put on my channel because of the change in direction of my channel. Nothing crazy but those are the reasons.

Jessi: When did you start your channel?

Q: ❝And OGXL came together in March 2021 but we had to wait to record for a couple weeks as one of our teammates was in the process of getting a pc (thank you stimmy). We released our first video in May 2021. So OGXL is still pretty fresh and new but I think it's doing well so far. We are getting pretty good views each video we just need more subs now.

Jessi: Who is/are your favorite YouTubers?

Q: ❝It might not be a very popular answer but I don't watch a lot of different people. It's not that I don't like other channels but more so I usually watch all the videos of those I am subscribed to and don't look out for other people's channels much. If I find other people I like then I would subscribe to them and watch all there content. So I guess if I had to choose I would say MrBeast is my favorite channel because he does a lot of good for people in majority of his videos. But some channels I watch a lot of is 3 channels that do ghost videos: Nuke's Top 5, Slapped Ham, and King Frostmare, I watch wrestling sometimes but I can't watch the tv shows 'cus I don't have cable so for info on the shows I watch WhatCulture Wrestling, then I watch a guy named Mista GG who does a variety of things with his several different channels, one for gaming and another for things like movie reviews and other random things. Oh I also watch the Angry Joe Show for things gaming. I found this channel recently while searching for games to play that allow you to create your own stories, he was reviewing a game called dwarf fortress I think and his channel is called like Sseth Tzeentach. I found this guy funny and I've been watching a lot of his videos lately.❞

Jessi: In the scale of 1 to 10, how proud are you of your channel all-in-all?

Q:So I would probably say 5 for my channel. I think the art is good since I didn't make it myself lol. As far as editing goes I think I'm decent at it. There's still things I need to learn lots of things actually, but I think my videos can be watchable. The reason I give myself a half score is mainly because my schedule is close to non existent. I've had to change my schedule several times due to my personal life with work and such so as of now I can't release a lot and I wish I could do more. Then I still feel there's improvement to be made to my commentary like trying to be funny. I still struggle with that. But I really just need exposure and for my videos to reach others. There's an audience out there for everyone I believe no matter if it's 1k people or 1M people.

Jessi: How is the growth of your channel? Are you happy with the pace? Impatient? Is it too slow, too fast or just about right? What do you think?

Q:Well I won't lie and say being a big youtuber isn't something I'm concerned with. BUT I have had a change in perspective I guess you could say. At first I was all about trying to get more subs and views but now I'm more laid back because before it was more frustrating and demoralizing to see low views or no sub gain. Now I am just trying to put out good content and hope that in time if my content is worthy and good enough that I will reach the big leagues. That doesn't mean I don't try to find ways to get my content out into the world though. I'm always keeping and eye and ear out to try to get more exposure because I think most people care about how many views or subs someone has before they watch a video. If they see someone with a low view count they would normally skip thinking the content is not good so if I can get more people to see my channel maybe I'll slowly get more views which will hopefully snowball into more and more.

Jessi: How do you feel about your first set of videos compared to the ones you are doing at present? Improved? Cringe? Still the same?

Q:I've never been camera shy unless it involves acting or dancing lol. So when it came to speaking on video I was totally fine. My audio was pretty bad though because I didn't know how to make the audio nice and crisp. So overall it was an improvement.

Jessi: Do you feel like deleting the bad videos?

Q:I have deleted a lot of my early videos because I did switch to pc gaming from the ps4 and because some of the videos were bad.

Jessi: What is the most viewed video on your channel and why do you think so?

Q:For OGXL it's the Dead Frontier 2 video which is only a few less than my Spider-Man video and dead frontier came out last week. That one could be because I promoted it and said we were gonna be roleplaying in this game.

Jessi: Is there a video that you were proud to do but it ended up with less views and attention than you thought? Can you tell us more about it?

Q:Not really. I don't really go into my videos thinking they are gonna take off. I usually just post it, hope it does well, and let whatever happens happen

Jessi: How do you manage your schedule when you record videos or livestream? Everyone has a job and real life things to do. How do you manage?

Q:Yea I hope so. I manage by not managing at all lol. Seriously though I just try to record when I can. I haven't released a video in a couple weeks because I've had a pretty hectic couple weeks. I just rescued a stray dog the week after I finished the last series I did. That was a week of craziness. And then I've been busy trying to go back to school and doing stuff for OGXL.

You would really need to be subbed to both my channels if you really enjoy my personality and want more of it because there's not enough time in the day for me to work and do stuff for both channels everyday. And once I go back to school it'll be much less unfortunately for a little while. The best way to see what's going on with the channel is to follow the social media stuff for both channels. Fb especially for OGXL because I'm in charge of that while the other 2 each have 1 social media they are responsible for. Yea that's one reason I want to be monetized and make enough to support myself so I can dedicate more time to content creating.

Jessi: Which content creator/s do you enjoy collabing with or want to collab with?

Q:I haven't had a chance to play with a whole bunch of people but the 2 members of OGXL, Tiffalicious Gaming and MastiffHQ, I enjoy playing with. I do want a few more people to play with and create this tight knit group of content creators but it's really hard to find people to play with. As for who do I want to collab with? I don't really know. There's people I like but I need to feel a connection between us to collab. I don't want to be boring to people when we game so it's all about getting to know each other before I can say for certain who I wanna collab with.

Jessi: Is there anything else that you want to share that is not YouTube?

Give Q's FB Page a LIKE!

Q:This is the best place to see what's going on with the channels until we get 1k subs so we can get the community tab.

Instagram: @omega_gaming_xl

Twitter: @OmegaGaming

Jessi: What is your message to your viewers/our readers?

Q:Hmmm. Well if you read this entire blog then first I wanna say thank you. Hopefully I kept you somewhat entertained. I know this was a long read especially for someone you don't know so I wanna share my gratitude about that. If you check out my channels I hope you enjoy what you find. It's hard being a new youtuber in a sea of already established content creators so I greatly appreciate the chance everyone gives me when they click on a video of mine. Thank you again everyone for giving me the time to share my experience and my channel and thank you Jessi for allowing me to do this on your blog.

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