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Xingqiu and Rosaria Partner in Battle | Genshin Impact

I started playing this year around April, I remember clearly because the banner that time was Farewell of Snezhnaya (Tartaglia's Banner). I stopped playing for two months and I recently just got back into it this June and I have been trying to build my team since then.

It's so hard for me to get a fire character (except for the initial ones we got, Amber and Xiangling from the Spiral Abyss), and thus we don't have a fire character in the team.

Anyways, I've been investing in Xingqiu for the past months and now I have been experimenting on who would be a good pair with him in elemental burst or just fighting in general. In this experiment, I tried to see how well he pairs with Rosaria. Since he's hydro and she's cryo so we get Freeze and a Frozen opponent is vulnerable to Shatter.

By far I am liking their combination in a fight. I increased Rosaria's critical rate stats and her weapon has a high energy recharge. Xingqiu has a long cool down so Rosaria makes up for it. Xingqiu's hydro damage on the other hand is higher compared to Rosaria's cryo's damage because I invested in Xinqui's artifacts for hydro damage bonus. He is my main DPS but depending on the environment and my opponent, it can be vice versa and Rosaria could be main.

Here is a little test fight that I recorded for the purpose of this blog.

I use Rosaria first so she can freeze my opponent, then I will switch to Xingqiu who will now send a barrage of attacks coming his way while he is frozen.

Or vice versa, I drop the hydro damage and then do some cryo to freeze the enemy. Either way, both of them have high attack stats so they can do some real damage while the opponent is frozen and then alternately activate their elements so I can keep this guy frozen until his HP runs out.

If I am stronger than the opponent, sometimes I don't use elemental reactions in a fight. Their sword and polearm can handle the battle already. And sometimes I also use a little assistance from their elemental skill (E). I think I'd be overkill to use their elemental burst (Q) in a fight like that.

Of course if I am up against someone with a literal shield or a geo shield, then I either change to a claymore character or I freeze the opponent and I run to the back of the opponent to give them a good beating lol.

Rosaria's elemental burst, Rites of Termination, what I like about it is that, the other characters can benefit from it. She will swing her polearm before striking the ground where a polearm will stay on the ground and continuously emits cryo (which will leave cryo reaction) in the surrounding where she struck the ground.

Xingqiu's elemental burst, Guhua Sword: Raincutter, is by far one of my favorite bursts in my team. Because once he summons the Guhua swords, he will not only be dealing normal damage to my opponent, he will also be dealing hydro damage at the same time! And the best part here is that, the Guhua Swords can be applied if I switch to any character in my team.

Let's say I used his elemental burst and then I switch to Rosaria. Then while I am using Rosaria's elemental skill (E) or her burst (Q), Xingqiu's Guhua Sword will constantly apply both normal and hydro damage. Which is pretty cool to be honest and it's probably why he is by far also my top favorite character and why he is in my official team.

Hope this helped somehow open a perspective on something new.

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