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Xingqiu and Lisa my first team | Genshin Impact

In reference to my previous blog (Xingqiu and Rosaria duo), I've talked about Xingqiu's elemental skill and burst already so here I will just mention and talk about Lisa.

Lisa is one of the initial characters we receive for free in this game. So it would be pretty hard to get her constellation but I've taken a liking to this character.

Xingqiu on the other hand, is the first four-star character I received when I rolled in Tartaglia's banner. And these two are my first dynamic duo in my unbuilt team.

She applies Electro DMG whenever you press the left mouse button. It is true that her base damage is low and her elemental burst takes so much time to recharge so I use her mainly whenever I want to ignite an elemental reaction in battle or when it is raining.

Whenever it's raining, Hydro is immediately applied so if I use her normal attacks, there is already an elemental reaction triggered and she can kill off enemies without a problem (even without the need of switching characters of assistance). Of course this depends on the kind of opponent I am facing. Mostly I am up against hilicurls and slimes and treasure hoarders so using her was okay.

Now when using her with Xingqiu, it is because of the elemental reactions that the two can trigger.

Here is one of the examples I recorded for this blog.

So in this situation, we will activate Xingqiu's Guhua Sword: Raincutter and then will switch to Lisa. When I use her, whenever she uses her normal attack or her Violet Arc (E) accompanied by Hydro, boom! Electro-charged! This is effective when I am up against the Ruin Hunters or Eye of the Storm. Because while they are flying or floating, anywhere away from the ground really, Lisa will be able to reach them and applying our formula of electro plus hydro again.

Of course, we should properly utilize their artifacts and talents, it's very important.

There are times when it's Lisa's burst that I use and Xingqiu will be the one to step out into the field.

Lisa's Lightning Rose, much like Rosaria's burst, is only going to be around in one place. So I make sure that before I use it, most of my enemies are crowding in one place or that I can keep them frozen, stunned or in place for this to actually be an effective burst.

It will emit continuous lightning (electro damage) to any enemy within the circle. With constant Electro by our side, if I switch to Xingqiu who is hydro, he can either use his elemental skill, normal attack or even use his burst as well.

What I dislike about them is that both of their bursts takes an awful amount of time to recharge. Like, in a domain, I can only use their burst once and then the battle finishes seconds before the elemental burst is available for use again.

Other than that, I have been effectively using this combination for a while now and I am always saved in battles. Careful not to use this method against someone with a shield or a geo shield because that might not be as effective. I always switch first to a claymore and get rid of their protection before going all out while the enemy is vulnerable.

Up until now I am still experimenting on a good combination or a good duo. But this is one of the combos I found myself loving. Sure there are flaws and weaknesses, but there is a way to get around that. It is just a matter of utilizing what we have.

Hope this helped somehow open a perspective on something new.


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