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Play with a Friend | Genshin Impact Kickstarter Journey Handbook

Genshin Impact Kickstarter Journey Handbook

Want to play Genshin Impact but afraid of the grinding process or spending money and getting characters you don't like? Here is a summarized list that you should know about the game.

Be sure to read this handbook to arm yourself before you jump into Teyvat!

1. Play with a Friend

Inscribed from the page;

One of the most awesome things about this game is your ability to do co-op AND do almost everything together. So be sure to invite a friend to get started with you or play with a friend who is already into the game for guidance and assistance.

Co-op will be available at AR16 when the introduction to the game has finished. If you started at the same time, then you can get started with playing together. Look for the co-op button on your menu or on the upper left of your screen. Press alt to show mouse. If you are playing with a friend with a higher world level, you might want to level up your AR until your friend can go to your world.

Speaking of World Level. If you played with a friend who has a higher World Level than you then you will NOT be able to go to their world. On the other hand, they will be able to visit you in your world. I think you should reach World Level 3 at least.

You can open the menu to see your World Level. This increases according to your Adventure Rank or AR. You will receive a quest to “Ascend Rank”. This means that you are about to up your World Level.

World Level is to set a level cap and balance the world for the player. For example if you are at AR35 (Adventure Rank 35) then your enemies are at a max of 42-49 and bosses at 50-62). It does not go any higher than that. Ascending your characters are will also have a max cap to be fair. Most of my pro friends does not recommend stacking up on AR exp (getting stuck to one AR to level up), I chose the slow pace. Because once you ascend, the next batch of enemies are at Level 53-73. Too much for someone who is getting started. Take note that leveling up to AR30-35 comes really fast with this game, especially if you play often.

My gameplay experience about this game has been a wild ride. I am one of the lone wolf type of player and I can enjoy a game playing alone, no matter how grindy it gets but in this game, it takes a LOT of patience and effort to actually love and enjoy it. Enter the Co-op mode that is thankfully available. And the best part about this is that you can do a lot of things together.

You can play domains together, fight bosses, do commissions, join events (depends on the mechanics or rules of the event). We can discuss more of this as you progress with the handbook.

Also, make sure you and your friend are on the same server. If you are in America and your friend is in Europe, you will not be able to play Co-op. And if you think changing your server from the main menu is going to work, yes it will. But you will start again from the beginning. To avoid those kind of circumstances, be sure to decide on the same server with your beginner friend or ask your pro friend what server they are on.

I know you have at a max of 4 character per team and it would be fun to explore because the characters have different set of skills and such. But add to the fun to have your friend on-board. Each of you get to use 2 characters to complete the team of 4. I have been playing for with my friend for months and we enjoy the game more than we did before. It makes the grinding more bearable and fun!

*Note: This page may update every now and then. If you have any additions and note to add, you can drop it in the comments.

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