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EP2: Guisarme | Humans and Zombies

< intercomm dialogue >

' thoughts '

[ Location ]


[Human Region – Zone 1, Sub-Zone 64]

The Human Region has a total of 27 zones and hundreds of sub-zones. You can't really expect less considering the entire world is only divided by two. Two! Can anyone measure the earth's actual size and divide it by two?

…I have math issues.

Zone 1 is where everything is processed mostly. You need a job? You need licensing? You need approval to build your business? You go to Zone 1 to process your paperwork, get approval for this and that, gather requirements.

You get the idea.

Reese Kaddius, a 32-year old noble Guisarme of the Human Region's militia. A tall man, well-built physique, electric blue eyes, brown braided hair, white skin complexion marked with cultural tattoos of his home zone on his left arm, his neck and probably more underneath his black and green uniform.

He followed his father's footsteps to become a Guisarme, an exemplary role model to his fellow militia.

He stood outside a burning house, the wooden door wouldn't open. Behind him was the rest of the burning sub-zone. Homes made of wood and hay were burning faster than he could imagine.

"Stand back!" he warns before he raised his feet and kicks the door with his weight and strength.

The wooden door falls flat and he finds stranded civilians inside the house wearing ragged clothing, covered in soot and curled up on the corner like hopeless little things.

"Come on, run, run, get out of here!" he shouted to get their attention.

His voice was like thunder in their ears, awakening their senses and they hurry on their feet, bolting to the door and running away. Reese counted them mentally as they got out one at a time. He couldn't help but stare at the last runner.

A young man with rugged dirty blonde hair, his eyes were shiny silver. 'A zombie', were his first thoughts. He's seen them before, but it hit differently to see one in such dire circumstances.

When the last number was out of the house, he reached for the black device that was hanging by his ear.

"Killian, we have 7 more survivors heading your way. Secure them and the truck and get out of here." He commanded.

<You know I can't wait to get out of here.>

Killian replied through the comms.

Killian Rivers, Reese's right-hand man. To be a Guisarme team leader, you need two members to fill your team.

He fills the role of getaway driver, technical troubleshooting and reconnaissance. He likes his dark brown hair combed back, dark green eyes can stare into your soul and beautifully glowing in the dark.

Reese chuckled as he checked the other houses. "You sure you aren't just in need of a bathroom break? I told you to take the break on our last stop."

He heard a crackle over the comm.

<I'm the driver. I have full control when we do bathroom breaks.>

Killian retaliated.

<All 7 are accounted for. The truck is full.>

He added.

His team leader watched the fire devour the small sub-zone. Houses have already fallen, burnt wood and curled and singed, ready to become ashes in a little while.

"Get them out of here, Killian. Hilde and I will take the bike." He orders.

It always pains him to see fire eating away what it shouldn't, reminding him of a tragic past he had long buried at the back of his mind but still manages to rise when fire meets his eyes.

<See you at the Commanding Office.>

Killian exits the comm connection leaving only two in the line.

Reese looks away from the fire, "Hilde, any update on the Fire Department?" he asked, trying to sound firm. He hated it when the past makes him shake like this. Like it was him at 12 years old all over again.

<They'll be here in a minute, team lead.>

Hilde replies.

It was as if it was on cue, they started to hear the sirens and sound of urgent blaring coming from the firetrucks.

<Oh, they're here.>

Hilde Stillwater, Reese's left-hand man… err, woman.

The second member in his little team. The team's medical expert, an avid reader of what most people wouldn't like to read, can eat an entire box of strawberries in a day and enjoys flipping bottles in her past-time.

Killian would call her childish but Reese tolerates her optimism on the things she loves.

"Let's go home."


[Human Region – Zone 3, Commanding Office]

I was standing outside of the bricked building, the guards wouldn't let me in because it was private property, I know that. The militia had always been secretive of their facilities but I guess the main reason is that they know I am a journalist and they are not very friendly with journalists.

"Come on, just call on Killian at least. He can meet with me here." I tell the guards.

The guards were like pillars standing by the gate.

Black and green uniforms differ from the Guisarme's uniform style. They had a more chameleon style, boots, Kevlar vests and helmets, big intimidating guns, all brawns and more muscles if I stare closely to their arms.

"So you can pick on a new story to write about?" one of the guards mocks me. "Yeah that's right, I know all about you Adeleine Saint-Snow. I've read your works, all about 'bloodless change'." He scoffed at the last part. "What a load of crap."

"Why? Are you boys tired of playing security guard and want real war?" I blurted.

I know I'm not supposed to, but sometimes they hit a nerve and my tongue just smoothly says something back.

I know I offended them this time and my chances of getting in just lessened. My visitation privileges probably revoked now.


His voice jumpstarted my heart.

I turn and Killian stood with his team leader and teammate, all of them fresh from a field mission. Scruffy. Engulfed in the scent of fire and ashes. "What's going on here?" he asked the guards.

"You know the rules, Killian. No reporters here." They reasoned.

"She's not here for intel, she's here to visit me."

"It's not a hospital, there are no visitation rights." Yeah I offended them for sure.

Reese stepped up, using his authority-aura to intimidate the guards. "It's alright, she's with us. She's one of the OK reporters who writes good about us." …or at least I thought he did. His tone is actually very friendly.

The guards let me in as I walked side by side with the team.

They had been talking about their latest salvage-and-rescue mission back at Zone 1 when Killian decided to introduce me to his team for the first time after a year giving my yes to Killian.

He is a very secretive man, separating his work life from his personal life but today he decided that it was okay to merge the two.

"Hey guys, to prove that my girlfriend isn't imaginary, this is she." Killian places an arm around my shoulder, pulling us both closer.

"Hi." I greeted, accompanied by an awkward wave.

"Finally we get to meet the imaginary Adeleine come to life!" Hilde exclaims, a big smile plastered across her face, shaking my hand aggressively, like it was a relief I was a real person in Killian's life.

"Killian said very little about you but we don't forget the small moments he'd say he misses you." Reese says as he took his turn to shake my hand. Giving me a warm and welcoming smile.

Killian shoots his team leader a sharp look, "I thought you said what happens in the field stays in the field?" his cheeks are now in a shade of pink.

I know he's embarrassed to confirm what Reese said, after all, he is not the type to openly admit many things in his life.

"I just wanted to see which one of you is the shy one." Reese teases.

"Gosh Killian, I didn't expect you'd be the flustered one. This is a plot twist." Hilde added and Killian's face gets more pinkish by the second. He also talks less about his work, but he mentioned he and Hilde were always out for a banter like cats and dogs.

This probably went on until one of them gets tired and surrenders.


[Human Region – Zone 7, Sub-Zone 39, Starsun]

Before crashing in bed I write to my diary of today's notable events and on a separate notebook, I write new information for future articles, new angles to take and whatnot.

Just a quick scribble mostly just so I won't forget. I'm familiar of forgetting the best ideas if I sleep on it.

What is a Guisarme again?

Right, I shouldn't forget to write that down.

Guisarme are hand-picked soldiers from different militia branches, chosen to stand as the Human Region's defender and protector. The privileged gentry are recognized widely by their eagle and guisarme insignia. Team leaders are Guisarmes and their team members are just chosen supports to help a Guisarme fulfill his or her duty for their people.

And as for me, my duty to my people is to speak the truth.

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