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EP14: Charted Deception IV | Humans and Zombies

Warning! This chapter contains blood and torture. Again warning! This chapter contains blood and a bit of torture.


< intercomm dialogue >

|| system ||

|| 'AI speaking' ||

[ Location ]


The man pushes Hilde towards the pit while she is tied to the chair.

She heard the zombie snarling aggressively as she dove into the darkness defenselessly.

She is falling face-first but she tried to move her body to the side to tilt the chair.

It was a fast fall but she had enough seconds to turn the chair sideways and the wooden chair broke as they hit the ground.

Hilde's screamed is muffled by the tape still over her lips.

The chair shattered and she is free but along her fall also broke her right arm.

She heard her bone cracked and the wire cutting through her skin.

It took her a while to recover from the impact.

Half her body is bruised and battered by the broken chair and the hard ground she lay on.

She moved away from the debris and wriggles her arms off the wires.

Hilde almost cried as she tries to remove the wires around her right arm.

It was bent and she couldn't bring herself to move it, let alone touch its delicate cut and flesh beaten from the broken bone underneath it.

As soon as the wire is out, she pulls the tape off her mouth.

She cursed under her breath.

The man had tortured her for days.

He deprived her of food but he gave her a glass of water every now and then.

He picked on her fingernails on her right. Three of her fingers now has no fingernails.

Her remaining two fingers were battered and squeezed by one of his torture devices.

It made her feel worse when it is the same arm that broke on her fall.

Now her entire right arm is basically disabled.

There are thin dim coming from behind her.

She turned around and she saw a thin wooden lattice fence that holds the zombies to the other room where the dim lights came from.

They were angrily growling and snarling as they try to push their hands through the gaps.

Like hungry deprived lions.

"Crap!" she fell on her butt.

Hilde was startled by the number of mindless zombies wanting to eat her.

I'm not sure how I would react to such situation but I'll probably be frozen in horror.

"So this is where all the residential zombies of the Human Region are. Turned back to their former selves and kept in cages."

If Evolution says that humans came from apes, conscious zombies came from being mindless.

Hilde observed the room she's in.

It's a small space, no doors, no windows, no exit.

Like she's really just a meal waiting to be eaten as soon as the zombies break through the fence.

She tried to peek from small spaces behind the zombies and she saw there is a door on the other side.

She couldn't tell if the door is locked or not but she is willing to risk it. Not like she had a choice.

With her being injured, she doubts she can push passed them effortlessly.

"Come on Hilde, think of something. There has to be something." she mumbled to herself.

Her eyes danced in different directions, searching for anything that could help her.

Then her eyes locked on the broken pieces of the chair.

As if she is in a game and the broken pieces are glowing in white, highlighting itself that it's interactable.

She grinned.

"There we go. Survival 101, always consider anything sharp as a weapon." she cites one of the things she remembered from the Academy.

She had to attend the Militia Academy and accelerated fast in her knowledge classes.

Because the Militia cannot accept her if she is purely just a medical graduate.

Kneeling down, she spreads the broken pieces for her to easily analyze which is the best pick for a weapon.

The zombies in the background does not bother her anymore, confidently trusting in the fence as a secured barrier between her and them.

Her right arm is curved close to her stomach, unable to move it from there.

Good thing she is left-handed, which means she has more chance to fight with her dominant hand still functioning.

"I hope you find me soon, team lead." she whispered as she picked her weapon.

In her state, she can only carry one. She hesitates.

Hilde's eyes scanned the rest of the broken pieces again.

This time focusing on the smaller sharp pieces she can put in her pocket.

Just one little makeshift knife would work.

She pocketed one, the tip is pointing up so it does not pierce through her pocket.

She then forced herself up, using the wall as her support. Her legs are still wobbly from the fall.

Her head throbbed still from the blunt object he smashed on her head.

She couldn't even identify what it was but it hurts so much her head is still aching.

Eyes now on the fence, she analyzed if it is going to hold on for a long time.

Or if it is on the verge of giving up and breaking down.

The zombies were crying louder now as if begging her to come a little more closer to them.

The first thing she noticed is that there is a metal slider on the sides of the fence.

The fence can actually be opened manually by the man who has controls over it.

She backs away in a hurry, almost losing balance at the sudden rush.

'That psycho is probably laughing at me right now.' she thought.

But then the thought led to another observation.

She looked up, the ceilings were high and it was dark, she could barely see the door where she fell from.

Looking left, looking right, she hoped to see something.

She wondered if there are surveillance cameras that are watching her or she is really just thrown in this pit to be fed to the zombies.

As if her thought had jinxed it, a whirring sounded startled to fill the room and the non-stop zombie snarling continued with it.

Hilde turns around and sees the lattice fence slowly being lifted up just as she feared.

Good thing the zombies aren't smart enough to rush into her small safe space by crawling underneath.

They just kept clinging and shaking the fence trying to move up.

Again, she probably have jinxed it when she started seeing zombies crawling from behind the frontliners.

'Oh great.'

She gripped her weapon tightly.

"Fine, come at me you mindless pieces of trash." she challenged.


Enjoy the mass release of Humans and Zombies Season 1 this July 2022.

The story has had its ups and downs because of the POV choice I had when I wrote this. The story will continue on with Adelaine's POV and will change to 3rd POV on Season 2.

Second Half of season 1 is coming soon this 2022.

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