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EP1: A Letter to Make a Difference | Humans and Zombies


There are two types of beings in this world; Humans and Zombies.

Appearance-wise humans and zombies doesn't differ much. Zombies of today have evolved, they aren't mindless, they aren't after our brains or gutting our intestines raw.

They're not pale like vampires and they definitely know how to wipe dripping blood off their mouths. They can move and think like humans do.

What defines one as a human and what defines the other as a zombie?

Warm bodies, warm blood, colorful eyes, taste buds every so picky with food quality, heart beats as a sign of life. Humans.

Cold bodies, blood is a darker shade of red, monochromatic eyes, endless appetite where flavor does not matter, no heartbeat. Zombies.

After evolving from being a mindless zombies, they no longer carry a foul scent.

Their organs and nervous system functions like ours. Basically almost resembling like a real human.

In fact, you'd be surprised to know that the world is divided in two regions.

Basic math.

Human Region and Zombie Region. A big wall separates us and them.



The procedures to go to the other side of that wall is long and complicated.

As much as possible the government wants complete separation to maintain peace but really?

Separation and peace don't sound like the correct combination to keep a country together.

The constitution prohibits any relationship between humans and zombies, and just like any law-breaking citizen would do, they'd violate that law and spread half-breeds across both regions.

It's not surprising at all to meet one. So don't be surprised to see a zombie in the Human Region and a human in the Zombie Region.

I guess today's problem isn't any different from the typical zombie apocalypse scenario.

It's still all about building forts and hogging up resources for ourselves.

Let me translate it in modern times.

Our population is thriving and progressing excellently, filling the streets with new houses, roads busier than the public market, better to walk or suffer sitting in your car for hours.

Mornings and evenings almost felt the same, everything is 24/7 with enough population to fill morning and evening shifts.

And the only difference is that it's the moon in the evening and the sun in the morning.

How in the world did the population started to progress like it's a double harvest year? Evolution.

Just like how the zombies had evolved, so did the humans unknowingly.

Women are more fertile, men are… why am I even discussing this? You get the point.

A public service announcement is coming out soon, giving you the incomplete guide to encourage you into jumping to support the wrong wagon.

Planting in your heads that zombies must be wiped out because they're monsters and humans must be annihilated because they are greedy creatures.

It is a subtly-strong declaration of war. I know, I contradict myself.

But this is reality and once they implement new rules and whatnots, people will be forced to take sides.

The purpose of this letter is to open your eyes to the possibility of changing the 'separation and peace' concept to 'unity and peace', say no to wars and say yes to bloodless change.

Article by:

Adeleine Saint-Snow

You can call me Lena for short.

I am a journalist and I will be telling you this story.

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