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Beauty and the Beast

She is the beauty, and I am the beast.

She runs from the west; I run from the east.

We meet at the center of the battlefield.

We are enemies to each other, yet I am her shield.

Her words are comforting and bring me towards the light.

In return, I offer my services and be her knight.

Maybe we differ by allegiance and by race.

But we are not affected by either case.

She loves me for who I am.

I love her for who she is.

Back to back, we faced the hundreds of soldiers we have betrayed.

Just so the two of us can be together, even if the world forbade.

Our past allegiance had died.

And both nations once against us are now allied.

Together we rise,

Together we fight.

Our comrades cried, and so did we.

The battle was a bloodbath that no one could foresee.

At the end, there was nothing left but debris.

With a new battalion coming to pick up our bodies and throw us into the sea.

Alas, we are nothing but a memory in the recollection of those who knew us back home.

Our existence turning into a legend about soldiers dying as time had roam.

No one would know what had ceased.

between the love of the beauty and the beast.

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1 Comment

S.D. Beck
S.D. Beck
Jun 11, 2021

Rhyming feels forced but it works

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