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To Travel the Infinity

Ren and Asana are traveling buddies. The two are adventurous and would not back down, no matter what weather or circumstances they face. Yes, their neighbors and those who knew them would say 'oh there they go again!'. They'd hike from place to place using the bicycles of their fathers. Yes, the bicycle of their fathers. Ren's father is a racer, he'd join competitions and win them. Ren's father met Asana's father in one of those competitions. But to cut it short, it runs in the blood.

Ren took the lead as they hiked up the hill. They were in a hurry before the setting sun fully descends and the moon rising after it.

When they reached the top, the two took a break. And Ren quickly noticed that Asana was slightly catching her breath–no, she's trying to keep her breathing normal to hide that she was tired–Ren's been hiking with her for so long that he'd know immediately if something was wrong.

"Say, Asana, anything bothering you?" He asked with a worried look on his face. "You've been awfully slow recently."

"What are you saying, idiot?!" Asana knew there's no way she could hide it from him. "I just didn't stretch my legs much." She tried to reason instead.

"You're a terrible liar." Ren said. "If you're going to come up with something at least make it convincing." He added he wanted to ease her uneasiness about the topic. When Asana said nothing and just kept silent, he knew he needed to say a follow-up question. "So what is it?"

"I want to travel with you. Just as my Dad with with yours." She says. But her tone was sad, it's a sign that whatever she's keeping is something bad.

"Tell me about it. Even after getting married they're still traveling." He rode on it for a while. "What was their dream again?"

"To travel the infinity." Asana answered, while she eyes are locked on the ocean below.

"Right. Tch, what a dream." He watched her eyes drift off the ocean before looking at the waters as well. "I want to reach their dreams as well but.. there are other things I want to do. There's something else other than traveling, you know?"

Ren has been joining other outdoor activities for weeks now. Even if it's rare of him to do so, he's been enjoying his time there. Asana, however, was like her father. She was serious about achieving her father's dream.

"I'm leaving tomorrow." Asana announced after the sudden silence between them. "I want to beat Dad's record."

"Tomorrow? But I have a game—"

"I know. I just wanted to tell you about it." Ren knew. Yes, she knew. Her eyes were now locked on his. She purposely scheduled her leave on one of his big game to know if he has the same commitment as her. But after Ren silent and he gave off the look of uncertainty, she knew at once he wasn't cancelling his game.

"Maybe you can schedule another time so I can come with you." He suggested. Asana shook her head.

"I've settled my heart. I want to do it tomorrow. The same day my Dad left when he signed up to travel around the world."

The two were the best of friends. They had arguments from time to time, disagreements and misunderstanding, but it always ends where both parties are happy. However, this time, none were happy at the choices they made. Ren continued with his game while Asana set off to travel on her own.

The soccer season ended and Ren won the game. He was happy. He was proud. He had achieved something in his life other than hiking and biking. He rushed to Asana's house to tell her about his win. He didn't know if she was home from her travel yet, but he knew he needed to tell her if ever she was around. It surprised him to find that the house was locked, and that she wasn't home yet. The neighbor saw him knocking despite seeing that the lock was there.

"Ren, what are you doing here?" said their neighbor.

"I had to play for the soccer team for months. I haven't heard from Asana so I wanted to visit." He replied. But the neighbor suddenly frowned upon hearing his answer. "What's wrong? Did something happen to Asana?"

"I guess you haven't heard. She's dead." The neighbor said, and it was like shooting a flaming arrow towards Ren's chest. "They sold this house to my cousin."

"How..? When..?"

"Two weeks ago. Her body just arrived, picked up by her mother. I don't know what caused it though, but—"

Ren didn't waste time. He had one thing to do. He left his neighbor and ran towards Asana's mother's house. It filled his head with regret as his chest was plunged with something really sharp. Guilt. When he arrived at her house, he found out that Asana was sick, just as her father was. She must've inherited his Cystic Fibrosis. Ren apologized for not being there with her daughter when he had the chance.

It was then that he continued her dream for her. Riding on his bike, he traveled to wherever his wheels led him. He didn't even know where he was or how he was going to go home. But he knew he needed to fulfill what he needs to.. Asana's last wish..

"Hey Asana!" He yelled towards the sky. "I will finish this race with you! So you better not leave me midair, you understand!" Despite not receiving a response from the sky, he assumed Asana was replying with a bicker on the other side. "Yeah that's right! We will finish this together!" He smiled and lifted a fist up in the air to fist bump with his friend. "To travel the infinity!"

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S.D. Beck
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