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Anime Gakuen THROWBACK

This is a throwback of one of the members of our community before. It's been years since AG days and it was nostalgic how close everyone is.
I miss you guys. Hope if you see this you'll be in touch again ^^ - Simca

Hehe time to show off my skills!

Hello everyone my name is Imouto xD. I love art because I can't draw so I morally support the artists here by commenting on their posts. I'm not a troll I swear!

Today I decided to join the new event going on. Let's all enjoy this!

Gakuen Fanfiction Special

Special 1: We need a Turkey

Touma: Imouto! Quick hurry bring the turkey!

Imouto: I'm on it Touma! It's just baka Onoya didn't bring the turkey on time

Onoya: Hey I did! But it burned

Imouto: The guests are coming any minute! We can't be turkey-less when that happens!

Meanwhile... Lathien is posting dango art in the walls

[Reference photo of the dango art drawn by Lathien.]

Simca: What are you doing?

Lathien: Posting my art.

Imouto: Ooooh art! That's soooooo CUTE! *bows to Lathien

Lathien: Thank you.

Imouto: CUTENESS OVERLOAD part 2! I'm dying

Onoya: If she dies the second time you're the suspect Lathien

Lathien: Eeeeh?! *takes down dango art*

Imouto: NO don't do this! I'll die faster if you take it away!

Touma: Hello! We're Turkeyless and guests are coming!

Simca: Hmm... We need a turkey substitute.

*ShinGundam arrives with rocky road ice cream*

Shin: Is it time for my performance?

Simca: Hehehehe...

Special 2: Buying Gifts

Simca: Alright guys. Remember, we will all write in the paper what we want then the person who takes your name will know what to buy

Shin: We can write anything we want right?

Jaa: Uhm my birthday was last week. Do I get special treatment?

Dean: A new car would do

Simca: Something realistic boys *scary aura

Imouto: Is it possible we buy extra gifts for names we didn't get?

Simca: yeah no problem ^^ (this smile makes it more Simca-ish)

Later in buying gifts

Gageorama: Hmm where can I buy this? It's all sold out

Anya: Tell me about it

Gageorama: Oh who did you get Anya?

Anya: I won't tell you it's a surprise

Gageorama: It's not me right? Because if it's me you're being too obvious

Anya: *blushes* BAKA! Baka! BAKA!

(hehe I ship them. Peace Cap!)

Imouto: What are we going to buy for the others?

Lathien: Hmm. Something not so expensive I guess

Amaya: Yeah. Especially if we're gonna buy for them all

Onoya: Ladies! I present to you... Autograph notebook! Here you can rip per page and write your name and autograph and give it to them

Imouto: Nice! I'll take one!

Hitashi: Uhm... That's a dea--

Onoya: Shh!

Hitashi: ...note

(This is how them ladies do it!)

Natsu Dragneel: What are you going to do with all that ice cream?

Dean: Yeah man. That's too much ice cream for just us

Touma: He's hoarding. And hoarding is a crime. If the headmistress sees you you're dead

Shin: Guys relax. I'll be fine. By now she's busy buying stuff for the students. She's a busy woman

[Reference in ShinGundam comic works]

Jaa: Uh Shin, there's some weird flying towards us

Special 3: Exchange Gift

Gageorama: Here Shin. Sorry it's not rocky road. It's sold out

ShinGundam covered in bandages

Shin: All good man

Gageorama: What happened to you

Anya: Baka... This is for you

Gageorama: thanks Anya! *Anya runs*

Dean: Wow she bought you a hunter x hunter card collection. You didn't write that did you?

Onoya: Dean... Here's your gift!

Dean: Wow thanks. But isn't that too small for a car?

Onoya: Nah it's a car figurine

Dean: Cheat

Lathien: Here Imouto. All my dango art collection for you

Imouto: I didn't write anything but you are amazing!

*Imouto's soul left happily*

Lathien: Wait Imouto don't die! I don't wanna go to jail!

Jaa: Hitashi I sketched a Mona Lisa painting for you

Hitashi: That's so sweet. I got you a drawing too

Simca: Did you give your gift?

Anya: Y- Yeah. Did you give yours?

Simca: I got my own name... *frowns* and I was the last to take a paper...

Touma: Anya I got you so... Here

Touma gives gift and runs

Simca: and you got two boys already nice!

Onoya: Hey Lathien what are you hiding there?

Lathien: nothing

Onoya: Have you seen Imouto though? She disappeared

Lathien: I haven't seen her *whistles

Amaya: Where's Imouto? I have dango art for her

Gain: Me too

Imouto rises from the dead

Imouto Zombie: rrrrrgh!!!

Lathien: Uh oh

Onoya: LA-THI-EN!

Simca: Hehe happy holidays everyone! Don't worry my gift is a defibrillator. I'll revive Imouto in a few days! Bye!

Thanks for reading folks.

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