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Steam Key Giveaway WINNERS (April-May 2021)

I would like to say special thanks to the game developers of Mortal Decay and YRek Lost in Portals for their sponsorship of most of the Steam keys in this giveaway! If you are interested in an atmospheric, walking simulator horror game, Mortal Decay is waiting for you to give it a run! On the other hand, if you are interested classic action-adventure FPS game, you better start your journey in YRek Lost in Portals!

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Thank you for joining my first giveaway on my YouTube channel.

Hi, I am Jessi. I am an aspiring YouTube content creator. My channel started with Japanese voice acting practice last March 31, 2019, and now I've explored both English and Japanese impressions. I later began my gaming journey with daily release of video-series such as Let's Plays, Before You Play (game reviews), #supportingindiegamedev game videos and Games to Wishlist 2021 series. I am also known for my 'stalking' impressions and original comic throwback.

I hosted a giveaway to discover possible fans and expand my audience reach. This month of July 2021, I plan to reduce Let's Play videos and replace it with unique videos such as Before You Play, animation videos, comic throwbacks and voice acting. If you found my channel interesting or felt that I have potential to grow, I would appreciate your support.

There are a ton of spam accounts and invalid entries, but we finally found our noble participants. Without further ado, let us congratulate our winners!

Tier 3/4 Winners

Alex won Dragon Fantasy (not a fan of pixel games, but I think this is a gem)

Felix won Homebrew - Patent Unknown

Gab won Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim

Golikov won Voyage: Journey to the Moon

Jimmi won Mini Ninjas (I always wanted to play this game)

Joshua won Alien Breed 3: Descent

Karabin won Think of the Children (this game has really interesting concept)

Nekasokobanja won Cultures - 8th Wonder of the World

Pablo won Munin (been wanting to play this one)

Rifty won Still Life Collection (this is classic, part 1 and 2, so excited to play this myself)

Spy won Beholder (been wanting to play this game so much)

Tier 2 Winners

Ashihriiozho won Gas Guzzlers Extreme

Cortesx won Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

Darragh won Homefront: The Revolution Bundle (you can't judge this game by reviews, I played it and I surely enjoyed this one a lot)

Diabolic won DiRT Rally

Christopher won Murdered: Soul Suspect (gosh I love this game so much!)

Gfalco won Outlast and Outlast Whistleblower DLC (this game is so scary I can't bring myself to play it)

Worple won Life is Strange 1 Complete (one of the best classic choices matter game I ever love)

Tier 1 Winners

Andre won TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge 2

Canarix won WRC 7 FIA World Rally Championship

Robin won SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition

Sky won F1 2019 - Legends Edition

Sponsored Keys

Geanyeugen won Mortal Decay

Hyperactive won YRek Lost in Portals

Jojo won YRek Lost in Portal

Joshua won YRek Lost in Portal

Julio won YRek Lost in Portal

Kansk won YRek Lost in Portal

Matt won YRek Lost in Portals

Odavi won Mortal Decay

Oleg won YRek Lost in Portal

Pacanchik won YRek Lost in Portals

Pathaksubu won YRek Lost in Portals

Patrick won YRek Lost in Portals

Redreyen won Mortal Decay

Salenhun won YRek Lost in Portal

Sascha won YRek Lost in Portal

Triplemeasure won Mortal Decay

Wielkihulk won YRek Lost in Portals

Due to invalid entries, spam (yes I check if the accounts are real or accounts made for giveaway purpose, it's kinda sad to give keys to people I did not even learn who they are) and fake accounts, there are 23 keys that are not won by anyone. It will be stored and kept for our next giveaway!

Game on!

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