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3 Pics 1 Anime | Mini Games DISK


The title is self explanatory. This game is inspired by the well known 4 Pics 1 Word game. This will be posted here in the website and in our FB Page.

Section 1. Answers.

Section 1.1 I give you three photos as hint and it's up to you to determine what anime it is.

Section 1.2 You can answer even if an answer is already given by another user. Whether you have the same or different, it is acknowledged and encouraged.

Section 1.3 However copying an answer is not encouraged.

Section 1.4 The correct answers will be posted before the next level and those who answered correctly will be receive a point and your points will be recorded and can be redeemed for a prize.

Section 1.5 You can still answer even if the post is up for days, weeks, months or years. I'll just reply to your comment whether or not it's correct.

Section 2. Posts and Schedule.

Section 2.1 When I post the answers, I will also tell you what the hints are (in case some or all the hints are hard to determine).

Section 2.2 At current, there is no schedule when new levels are available.

Section 3. Mini Game.

Section 3.1 Also, you can vote for the MAJOR giveaway from the three photos and let's count votes when I post the answers. Yeah, another part of the fun. You can just comment along or after your answer for the game.

Section 3.2 You can still answer for the mini game even if the level is in the past.

Section 4. Interaction and Participation.

Section 4.1 If you're a past participant from past levels, I may remember your name/username which is good for badge-earning.

Section 4.2 If the quiz is already in the past and you saw it through the hashtag viewing, you can still answer but try refraining from reading the comments to further enjoy the game.

My Thoughts

Below are the link to the past levels so you can answer it even if it's too far to scroll. But refrain from reading the comments to enjoy the game as if it's installed to your phone and you're the only player.

For inquiries or more questions just comment below.

3 Location 1 Anime

For scroll viewing, check out the hashtag. #3LocationPic1Anime


3 Pics 1 Anime

For scroll viewing, check out the hashtag. #3Pics1Anime


3 Pics 1 Anime Character

For scroll viewing, check out the hashtag. #3Pics1AnimeCharacter


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