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Interested to hire someone? Good news! We are offering the ff. services. Please read carefully below.

We have:

  • Beta readers

  • Beta testers

  • Ghostwriter

  • Graphic Artist

  • Video editors

  • Voice artist

*Guide: Flexible communication means and transaction via PayPal

*Communication and transaction done via Fiverr only.

All communication means are available in "Contact" page.

Beta Readers

Our beta readers can read your story for you and will submit a Reader Report about your story. The Reader Report will discuss about the ff. bullets AND you can even request more categories where the beta reader will watch out for. Sometimes there will be 2 beta reader in one order with the same price! 2 opinion is better than 1.

- Storyline

- Characters

- Locations

- Confusing Areas

- Notes

- Perspective of a beta reader

- Perspective of a reader (who already reads your genre, bookworm, etc.)

- Perspective of a new reader

- Proofreading

Beta Testers

We have 3 beta testers proven to submit good-quality and helpful feedback for your game. And we have over 10 more beta testers who will pitch in and test the game. All of them are handpicked and filtered by us to know if they really care about the game's growth or just wants a free game.

This is where we will open to you our GAME DEVELOPER AFFILIATE (DEV AFFILIATE) program if you want to make this affiliation permanent. On the other hand, you can test our services too before we begin.

Communication can be done via:

- Email (I will ask for your email after our discussion thru the ff. ways)

- Instagram

- Twitter

- Discord

A full beta testing report (FBTR) will be sent to the game developers via email.

Each report drafted and your game will be played through a minimum of 30 minutes and above, depending on the kind of game it is.


Communication and transaction can only be done via Fiverr.

Our ghostwriters have experience to write almost anything!

- Blogs/Articles (topic/subject for writing is up for discussion)

- Fiction stories (any genre)

- Revision needs

- Terms, conditions, rules, policy writing needs

Communication can only be done via Fiverr. Sample writing click this link for my compiled sample.

Graphic Artist

Communication and transaction can only be done via Fiverr.

We are very flexible with what we can offer in this area. See if we hit what you need!

- YouTube thumbnails

- YouTube channel art

- Photo editing

- Cutting / trimming

- Logo edit (text)

- Character Drawing

- Collage

- Book cover

- Mock ups

- and many more!

We always submit a package according to what you ordered. As a content creator, we know quality is important, appeal is first impression needs and time is gold.

Video Editors

This gig can be done outside of Fiverr.

Communication can be done via:

- Facebook

- Email

- Discord

- Instagram

- Twitter

Editing offers:

- Reunion video

- AMV edits

- Channel trailer

- Channel intro/outro

- Anniversary

- Wedding

- Modified request

For questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Voice Artist

Talented voice artists around the world right at your fingertips. All you have to do is send us a complete description of what you need and we will send you demo reels to choose from.

Budget for the project:

Length of video/clip:

No. of words:


Target artist:

Description of role needed:

Information about project:

Reference videos (optional):

Contact us via:

- Instagram

- Twitter

- Discord

Blog Series Course

Currently at 2021, all blog series course will be available for free. In the future, the courses will be a paid program. We will personally oversee the progress of everyone who takes our courses.

Available courses:

  • How to be a YouTube Content Creator 101

  • Learning Japanese 101

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