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Good news! We just made an update!

Now members can log in and be able to follow members who you want to follow and be notified when they upload new content.

Fellow members can also follow you.

Yes that is right, you also have the ability to post content within our website. You can be a Member Contributor and have your blogs posted within our rising community!

Topics are unlimited!


You've seen our library's new look, we have filtered posts by designated tags for a one-click-easy-filter purpose! This way, you can read blogs to the topic you are interested in.

Blogs can be anywhere from 500 words below and up to 4000 words at present! You can choose to filter for a long blog to read or a shorter one. There are a wide selection of tags you can choose from.

Our library will fill up as we have daily uploads and we never miss a day!

The tags will continue to expand as our website continuously produce new blogs for you to devour.


We have 2 ways for you to contact us. And these buttons are available out in the open.

If there is a blog that you want to see, as long as it does not violate our guidelines, then you can request using our request button. We answer requests within a week or less!

On the other hand, you can be a Whisperer, a special contributor that maintains anonymity. You drop the source, we verify and we publish it for the world to see.

In instances where there are button glitches and under spotted error in our website, please do report it via Request button as well. Just make sure to mention (1) what the problem is (and which page) it is located. Would be better if you send us the link as well.


There are two ways to donate to this website. You can choose PayPal or BuyMeACoffee and both links are publicly noticeable within the website. Your donation will be used for the improvement of the platform from time to time

You will see a separate webpage dedicated for SkyHeart itself.

The artist is also working on the other side, which makes the progress slow.


We have an exclusive manga available in this Website. Special content will come soon! For now, the content is available for everyone to see and read.

If you've noticed, the cast of SkyHeart are the one in-charge of posting content in our Website.

Each of them have their own specialty. Just like how Floppi Whispers is the one publishing anything related to anime in general. You can follow her to only see her posts.

The same goes to the other characters. No pictures available until they are officially introduced!


We also have Whisper TV wherein we will be featuring videos from YouTube, just within your reach and of course, to be revamped soon for easy filters. At present we only have GamerGirl Jessi's videos.

More YouTubers to be introduced to you soon!


We also have amazing services available for your needs.

Ranging from ghostwriting to graphic designing, beta tester and voice acting. Let me briefly discuss what we can offer.

Our current profession is ghostwriting and graphic designing and we can provide services personally through our Fiverr account. Any genre, any number of words, we've got your back.

Graphic design is as you can see in this website.

On the other hand, our beta testing and voice acting services will come from our team. They are personally handpicked from the millions of people out there. They are committed, dedicated, respectable and talented bunch. If you so choose to hire, please visit our guidelines to know more.

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