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Jessi Tayylor on Buy Me A Coffee ☕

What is Buy Me A Coffee?

It is a platform for content creators to be able to receive support, donation and a membership to their fans, followers, supporters and audience.

Who is Jessi Tayylor?

This is my chosen pseudonym when I finish my first novel, which I aim to publish this year 2021. I am a content creator in general but if you want to go through specifics, I'd gladly introduce myself in detail.

YouTube Content Creator

I have a channel called "GamerGirl Jessi" where I upload everything related to my hobby. It's a mix of the things that I love to do, an outlet for me to un-stress myself, especially with the pressure and problems left and right, this is a place of rest.

I upload game reviews (Before You Play series), Let's Plays (any game with part 1 or episode in the title really lol), Special Milestone videos, Japanese dubbing, voice impressions, stalking content (not illegal eh?), indie game support videos, Games to Wishlist (series), sometimes I mix-mash music and other random vlog related content.

Blogging Content Creator

As you can see in this website, Floppi Pages, I've expressed myself through the blogs that you can read from anime to webtoons, film to books, tutorials and many more! This describes one's mind, and mine to be specific. What is it that is in the mind of an author? It could be any and most of the things that I write in this website.

Aspiring Novelist

I have a book I am working on called 'Specter' and I aim to publish it this year. I'd like to keep the details private as of now. I've been revising this for 2 years and just now I got the flow of it, to which I will follow until it's finished. Once I got this out there, I would be happy to claim the title 'Novelist'. At least I did not self-proclaim myself best-selling author ha-ha. I have more books to come after this first breakthrough for sure! So stay tuned!

Aspiring Mangaka

We've all seen artists around the globe who publishes comics and manga and webtoon and manhwa in different platforms. I read and binge-read a lot of content and followed on the life of these artists, their struggles and breakthrough, their success and level-up struggles. It's there. And while mine is at a slower pace, I do plan to publish a manga one day. Characters introduced through this website, sneak peek also exclusively available in my membership special, which will be discussed after my introduction.

Aspiring Voice Artist

And lastly, the very core beginning of my channel. I wanted to be a Japanese voice actress, but hey, the first we need is to learn the language, which I haven't fully mastered yet. I've done both epic failure and successful impressions along the way, and I won't stop there.

These are not dreams. These are potentials I want to nurture as I go through this journey to becoming a successful content creator. And it starts with practicing my writing through blogs and releasing my first book.


Now to the main point of this blog.

We have 4 membership levels available and each has its own perks. ALSO, we will talk about investment bonus after we talk about the packages so keep scrolling and read.


We have the...


Where you can get started with getting to know what you are getting into. Get to know me, let's talk, interact—please, I really encourage interaction and see if I am worth the investment.

You get to...

⭐ Support me on a monthly basis or just a month to test the waters.

⭐ Get a shout out in one of my videos or through a blog

⭐ Know what videos are coming in advance, mark your calendars!

⭐ Unlock exclusive content (only available in Buy Me A Coffee).

This one is a bit tricky, because every package has this perk, what differs per package is the content I will be posting. It will be different per package.


Up next we have...


This used to be my curator and admin name in a small anime school community I used to run. There is more to a person in front and behind the camera.

You get...

⭐ Support me on a monthly basis, or try it for a month, see if this is worth it.

⭐ Get a shout out in one or more of my videos, can be in a blog too.

⭐ Know my video schedule in advance, or you can even request videos. (Nothing impossible and we are good.)

⭐ See exclusive behind-the-scenes and work-in-progress content for SkyHeart! (photos only)

⭐ Art showcase. Arts I will post here will be posted a 2 weeks-1 month advance before it reaches the public. The exclusivity is yours!

⭐ Exclusive content (only available in Buy Me A Coffee).

This one is a bit tricky, because every package has this perk, what differs per package is the content I will be posting. It will be different per package.


Level up to...

xoxo, GamerGirl

package! There is so much more to share with you guys, come and see.

This one focuses more on Floppi Pages content. Hmm let's open this package, shall we?

⭐ By now I think you have gotten to know me to be willingly supporting me.

⭐ Of course shout-out to new and ongoing members will always be acknowledged.

⭐ Receive access to Floppi Pages members' only content.

⭐ See early access and password-protected content in Floppi Pages.

⭐ Be informed of upcoming updates, series and services in Floppi Pages, even get a chance to request or beta it even!

⭐ You get to have a chance to be a premium contributor! What better than be part of the team?

⭐ Work-in-progress for SkyHeart (photos only)!

⭐ Exclusive content (only available in Buy Me A Coffee).

This one is a bit tricky, because every package has this perk, what differs per package is the content I will be posting. It will be different per package.


And lastly...


To all who are aware of this reference, yes, this is Joe Goldberg from You.

This one I would like to say is special and is an all-in-one package.

Well then, let's specify what we can benefit from this, hmm?

⭐ This has a LIMIT OF 24 members only.

⭐ Supporting me on a monthly basis.

⭐ Shout out to members (special-mentioned in a video, we will discuss this)

⭐ Shout out to members (in a form of an easter egg style, we will discuss this too)

⭐ Access to Members Only content in Floppi Pages.

⭐ Early Access to upcoming content in Floppi Pages.

⭐ Know the future updates, new series and content and services in advance. You can beta it for sure, or get to read it while it's still in the making!

⭐ Get a glimpse of photo and video work-in-progress and behind-the-scenes for SkyHeart!

⭐ More behind-the-scenes content to any of my works and projects (you know I have a lot of those). These are confidential processes.

⭐ Work-in-progress updates to any of my works and projects. Confidential content, but sharing it to you guys!

⭐ A chance for a cameo in any of my original content/projects.

⭐ Art showcase (could be both exclusive to Buy Me A Coffee only or) will be available in public after 2 weeks-1 month.

⭐ Be invited to become premium contributor if you are up for it!

⭐ Get a chance to brainstorm with me for more content in the website, the manga or the books.

⭐ Receive a personal message from me.

⭐ Receive an invitation to my Discord community! Get a chance to chat with me and my friends or more people!

⭐ Be informed of upcoming merch, products and published content in advance!

⭐ Get free & discounted price for merch, products or published content. This comes in season, so watch out for this one.

⭐ Exclusive content (only available in Buy Me A Coffee).

This one is a bit tricky, because every package has this perk, what differs per package is the content I will be posting. It will be different per package.


I will be honest with you, at present, there are no posts as we have no members yet. Now let's talk about the bonus I mentioned earlier.

I introduced who I am, what I do and the projects I am currently investing my time for. If in any way, you see potential in my YouTube journey, my writing career or the direction of my website going the right way, you have two choices on how to invest in me and/or my work.

The first way; donations.

You can choose to give donations via the (1) Request button (PayPal) you can see in the right side of the website if you are in your computer OR just at the bottom, in the footer, if you are using mobile and (2) Buy Me A Coffee has a support option in my profile, where you can choose how much you want to donate.

If you choose this option, please do leave me a message and a way for me to contact you, maybe email if you are okay with it, for me to be able to personally give my gratitude and some exclusive progress report or content if I can.

The second way; membership.

With things just starting out for me, the content will get a wee-bit more of a gift that was not listed in the the above-mentioned package.

The first 24 people who joins the membership, no matter the package, will get a reserved FREE/DISCOUNTED gift of my future projects. May it be a free novel, manga and other content or product, it will be a package for you. If you believe in this content creator right here, your investment will reap its rewards.

In the meantime, thank you.

Floppi Pages will continue to upload daily blogs of different topics. Do not miss out on our uploads, subscribe to our newsletter or be a member! Let's build the community together!

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